Wednesday, February 5, 2014

where i ramble.

I discovered tonight that one of the girls at Cafe Rio has my order memorized. It's a very particular order too, so I was quite impressed. Should I be proud of this or embarrassed? Grilled chicken tostada forevs.

You guys, I like Juan Pablo, and I feel like I'm the only one who does. Yes, he's kind of boring, but he's sweet and genuine and his accent makes everything adorable. Can we stop hating on him and just let him find love already?!

Also, this is a little controversial, but I think I'm Team Claire. Go get your man, girl! Who cares if all the other girls are jealous! But next time you want a little ocean make out sesh, make sure the cameras aren't rolling. Drama: eliminated. You're welcome.

I may or may not have a legitimate stalker situation on my hands. Like, legitimately scary. Hopefully it becomes funnier someday and I can tell you all about it. PS this is not to brag about myself... just to warn all you single ladies out there to not let guys push you around.

Let's switch gears. I have a new man in my life! He's 12 years old and the sweetest kid I've ever met and I'm lucky enough to be his nanny. We mostly drive to all his activities and chat and laugh and sometimes play Sorry. It couldn't be a more perfect situation!

I now have a constant craving for cherry dipped cones from Dairy Queen. It's bad. I've gone by myself twice this week (and I feel like I shouldn't have just admitted that).

Currently reading the Divergent series. Oh man, I was SUCH a doubter but everyone kept telling me to read them and EVERYONE WAS RIGHT! So. Good. Can't wait for the movie.

I signed up for an institute class on a whim because I had an hour and a half between classes. It was a seriously inspired move because a. I'm learning more about the BOM than I ever have in my whole 25 years of life and b. there is a seriously beautiful man that sits next to me. The Lord is watching over me, ya'll! Now He needs to help me talk to this guy because I've suddenly become shy...

Taylor Swift's Grammy dress!!!!!!!! That is all.

OMG stop everything because I made the Dean's List last semester!!!! It only took me 7 years!

Nothing can top that. Tomorrow I'm going on a little vacay and I can't wait! More on that later. xo.

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