Saturday, January 4, 2014


It's a brand new year and all I have to say about that is HALLELUJAH!

2013 was a doozy for me. I'm sure in the future I will think back on these times with fondness and nostalgia, but for now it's a giant good riddance to the last year.

I'm all about fresh starts, and with this new year comes a lot of changes for me. In the next few weeks I'll start not one, but two new jobs, both of which I'm excited to tell you about at some point. One of them I've been planning for awhile while the other just came out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure it was a very tangible answer to my prayers, because it literally just plopped right into my lap and appears to work out perfectly. I'm feeling very blessed in this new year!

I'm not really one for resolutions because, let's be honest, they never really work out that well... at least for me. Instead I've just decided to focus on one thing this year, and that's progress.

Progress in my education for sure. But we've already discussed that at length :)

Progress in my financial well-being. AKA saving and not taking as many trips to the mall (which usually happens out of boredom... whoops)

Progress in becoming more independent in all aspects of my life.

Most especially, spiritual progress in taking a few steps that just feel right at this point. A little scary, but a million times great.

Am I allowed to say progress in my dating life? Because YES. please.

Maybe I'll finally catch up in my journal writing and read more books and learn how to take pretty pictures. Hopefully I'll find adventure and lots of good surprises. And travel, please and thank you.

2014 is gonna be a good one, guys. I can feel it. We're all gonna be good.

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