Friday, December 6, 2013

the best times with my best guy

Don't we all wish this post was dedicated to some super sexy boy toy of mine? Surprise surprise... it's not! 

Instead it's dedicated to my sweet little Sawyer, who has been my best buddy and a huge source of happiness in these past few crazy months. Excuse me while I dump some adorable pictures right here.

We went with Grandpa to an event with the basketball team and this little baller had the time of his life! He played with all the basketball players, whom he now calls "my friends". Oh, and he has since memorized all their names and numbers and it is THE most adorable thing on the planet. This aunt couldn't be happier!

Also, he gorged himself on popcorn and m&ms. Then we went and got Luv-Its. What's aunt life for if you can't spoil them?!

 We had a little picnic in the backyard on a beautiful fall day. We popped some popcorn, laid out a beach towel and just laughed and laughed and laughed. I love how these pictures show his giggly little personality!

Buster Posey for Halloween. Be still my heart!

And of course, at the Rebel game. Whenever the fight song comes on, he will drop everything and cheer his little heart out! Just like a true Leavitt. It is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world.

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