Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 things that make me terribly happy.

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1. Smelling old perfume that brings back great memories
2. Long baths before bed
3. Not having to set an alarm
4. Birthday cake
5. Seat heaters in cars
6. Unexpectedly good hair days
7. Photo Booths
8. Rainy Days
9. The smell of the air when you first arrive at the beach
10. Christmas cards
11. Putting my music on shuffle and having the perfect song come on
12. My Hunter boots

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the tall conversation.

When I meet someone new, I always expect some version of the following:

"Wow, you're really tall."

Yes, it's true. I am quite blessed in the height department, which usually happens when you have the genetic makeup of two tall families.

No, I don't know exactly how tall I am. I always estimate somewhere in the 6-foot range, which always seems to shock people. Why that is so shocking, I will never know.

And don't even get me started on how many times a day I get asked if I'm a basketball player.

All of the above can be related in a post by my friend Jill, who wrote "22 Reasons Being Tall Is Wonderful". I love her writing and I'm pretty sure you'll love it too.

Especially if you're tall.

Also, what are your thoughts on dating a guy that's shorter than you? Asking for a friend.

Or maybe not.

Friday, December 6, 2013

the best times with my best guy

Don't we all wish this post was dedicated to some super sexy boy toy of mine? Surprise surprise... it's not! 

Instead it's dedicated to my sweet little Sawyer, who has been my best buddy and a huge source of happiness in these past few crazy months. Excuse me while I dump some adorable pictures right here.

We went with Grandpa to an event with the basketball team and this little baller had the time of his life! He played with all the basketball players, whom he now calls "my friends". Oh, and he has since memorized all their names and numbers and it is THE most adorable thing on the planet. This aunt couldn't be happier!

Also, he gorged himself on popcorn and m&ms. Then we went and got Luv-Its. What's aunt life for if you can't spoil them?!

 We had a little picnic in the backyard on a beautiful fall day. We popped some popcorn, laid out a beach towel and just laughed and laughed and laughed. I love how these pictures show his giggly little personality!

Buster Posey for Halloween. Be still my heart!

And of course, at the Rebel game. Whenever the fight song comes on, he will drop everything and cheer his little heart out! Just like a true Leavitt. It is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world.

(yet another) best friend's wedding

Oh, Courtney. Where do I even begin with this one? She has been such a blessing in my life, and even that is a huge understatement. She is the single most loving, caring, and genuine person I know, and I am SO incredibly lucky to call her my friend. She is one of the funniest people I know and is always up for an adventure. She is a fantastic travel buddy, which I love! Okay okay, I'll stop gushing.

Courtney married her love Eric on September 14th and pulled together the most fabulous wedding in record time! She was probably the most beautiful bride I've ever seen... she was literally radiating happiness the whole day. I wore heels and towered over the world, which, if you know me, is my ultimate sign of love. I got to be reunited with my best Little J, which topped off a great weekend. The reception was a party that only a Wattles could pull off and I got to dance the night away with my best girls!
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THANK YOU to the new Mr. and Mrs. Thornton for including me in your celebration... I love you little love birds!

LA for the day

Two days after we got home from the beach, we turned right around and made our way to LA for the Taylor Swift concert with our favorite cousins and aunt! Yes, it's true that I already saw her this past spring in Atlanta, but the tickets to LA had been purchased before the ATL trip was planned. So it was Red Tour round 2 for me!! Me and my sisters, my mom, my aunt Janae and cousins Tiff and Sarah road tripped it that morning and arrived at LA Live a couple of hours before the concert. We had a delicious dinner and took a few quick pictures to commemorate our trip to Staples Center. The concert was amazing, duh. This time her surprise guests were Sara Bareilles to sing "Brave" (which I adore) and Cher Loyd to sing "Want U Back" which I also adore. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with T Swift and her perfection so I soaked up every second! Our seats were fantastic and she was like 10 feet away from us and I swear me and Tay are soulmates. I only wish we could have stayed longer because I love LA! It was a long day, but totally worth it! I love these ladies.

GBP 2013

Let's rewind to August and live vicariously through these pictures from our annual beach trip, shall we? I promise you it will turn your cold weather blues right around!

Gram's Beach Party has been a Leavitt family tradition for many years now, and it's probably the week I look most forward to every year! You can see the posts from previous years here, here, here and here. The best part about this year was that we returned to North Coast Village after a 3 year absence and it was divine! That is our place. No more switching, unless it's to the south of France or something.

Highlights of this year:

Having the cutest little guy there to experience everything for the first time

The annual La Jolla picnic, with this year's addition of Sprinkles cupcakes. A most delightful addition if I do say so myself.

Rubys on the pier, delicious mexican food, weinerschnitzel on the beach, and everything else that attributed to my sub-par beach body. Also I had what was up there as one of the best meals of my life at Jake's in Del Mar. It's literally right on the beach and everything was SO delicious!

Having Kori and Stefan join us halfway through the week was the best treat! Poor Stefan has to put up with us but we love having them as a part of our family!

Playing Head's Up and Lucky Unders every night

The beach is just the best. There's really no other way to put it. A week of relaxation, family bonding and indulgence was so good for my soul, especially right before this hell of a semester started. I'm so grateful for this family tradition!