Tuesday, August 6, 2013

summer breeze

The title of this post is an homage to the life-changer that was The OC. Did you hear it's the 10th anniversary of the premiere? That makes me feel old.

Also, Seth + Summer 4evs.

Although I could do a whole series of posts on why the OC will always have my heart, this is not that. This is just your average catch-up post! Are you disappointed? TOO BAD.

Remember when I went to Donny and Marie with my two besties? You guys. It was TOO fab! Donny couldn't make it because he had a very unfortunate injury to his gluteus maximus (HAHAHA sorry I'm super mature) so we were treated to older brother Merrill instead! He was glorious! And Marie... where can I ever start? Pop, country, OPERA... you name it, she can do it! But seriously. Marie slayed it. I'm now a believer.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday at El Segundo and it was delish. If there's good salsa, I'm pretty much there. Plus they had a rockin DJ who played everything from JT to MJ to the great 70s hits my parents can't get past... it was the perfect blend of worlds. I love my family! Especially this wittlest guy in his golf shirt.

I feel like this whole blog is an awkward arrangement of pointless stories peppered with a few random celebrity encounters. Guess what... nothing's changed! It's time for yet another random celebrity encounter!

This time: Zayn from One Direction. It was truly serendipitous. In case you don't know what he looks like, here he is in all his broody teenage glory!

I took Hannah and her friend Suzie to pick out a birthday present for my dad at Nike. The whole way there they were joking about how 1D was in town and how crazy it would it be if they were at the mall? Yeah right. Next thing you know we're in the golf section and Suzie says, "Hey, that guy looks like Zayn" and we all laugh. But then they look closer and... could it be?... It IS Zayn! The Gods of Teenage Hearthrobs were with us! They were so nervous so I told them I would ask for a picture. So I go over to him (keep in mind it's just him and a bodyguard, no one else even there) and ask politely if he would mind if we took a picture and...

the bodyguard said no. Not even Zayn, the bodyguard. Not even no, but "he just wants some peace and quiet". Ughhhh you guys. The sensible half of me understands that he probably can't go anywhere without being bothered and that sucks, but the protective older sister in me says DON'T GO TO A CROWDED MALL IN LAS VEGAS FOR PEACE AND QUIET YOU FOOL. That same protective older sister side also says that it would take literally 10 seconds to take a quick picture with two girls who are gigantic fans of you and whose father just paid a significant amount of money for tickets to your concert.


So we took stalker pics instead!

Oh, Zayn. If you had been nicer, I might have offered you my 40% discount. Suck on that!

This little was bursting with emotions after the encounter. Really, the girls didn't care that they didn't get a picture. They just couldn't believe they got to see a 1D member in the flesh! Tears may have been shed. Happy tears.

Stay tuned for a concert post.

The last highlight I have is that I got the literal cutest red polka dot Paige jeans from Nordstrom Rack.
Original Price: $189.
Clearance Price: $19.99 ya'll!!
That's right, a whopping 89% off!!! Praise the Rack Lord!

and that may or may not have been the highlight of my summer.