Monday, July 8, 2013

the very unwanted spotlight.

Let me just tell you a quick story.

Yesterday at church a "friend" (in quotes because friends don't do this to friends) asked me if he could spotlight me in Elders Quorum.
"What's a spotlight?" I ask, and he dodges the question and says he'll just pull me out of relief society for a quick second.

An hour later I'm standing at the pulpit in front of every single guy in the ward as they ask me awkward questions about myself including the gem, "If you could marry a pro basketball, football, or cricket player, which would you choose?". Um... they obviously don't know me at all.

I jokingly picked a cricket player (because hello, foreign guys) and a little Indian guy pops up and excitedly tells me that he plays cricket. All my dreams have come true!

And everyone laughed and I basically ran out the door and away from the most awkward experience of my singles ward life.

I better at least get a date out of this (cricket guy doesn't count).

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Jacquelyn Welling said...

This is the BEST. Basically they wanted to pimp you out. :)))