Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a little jaunt to mex

Surprise surprise! I've been MIA yet again. Blame it on finals and even more car troubles... I'll spare you the details this time, but just let me remind you to always have jumper cables on hand (or at least a good friend like Becca to come save the day)!
But alas, here I am to regale the tales of our little Mexico trip a couple weekends ago.

-Courtney ordering the worlds most disgusting shrimp cocktail on the first night. It looked more like a shrimp shake than anything else
-The sweet little restaurant bringing us blankets because we were freezing at night! They probably contained some sort of disease but YOLO amigos!!!
-Golfing into the ocean (and almost getting hit by a Courtney shot)
-More tacos
-Horses on the beach. Except I didn't participate this time as I am still scarred from my last experience (as told here). But everyone else had fun!
-Pizzas at the most precious little joint with a dog mascot and waiters that wear fedoras! So hip!
-Brett's guacamole. I'm not even a guac person and I couldn't get enough. Somebody husband that dude. Does husband work in the same context as "someone wife her"? Guess what it does now!!
-Shayna's breakfasts
-Lucky unders and nerts and just cards all day

-Waiting 4 hours at the border to get back into the US of A. Worst.

Wanna see pics of how much fun we had? TOO BAD! Because I only took 4, and 2 of them are of me eating. Jokes on you suckas.

said diseased blankets. the sweetest. 

a great panorama of everyone eating! please notice brett's midget arm.

Adios homies.

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