Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a little jaunt to mex

Surprise surprise! I've been MIA yet again. Blame it on finals and even more car troubles... I'll spare you the details this time, but just let me remind you to always have jumper cables on hand (or at least a good friend like Becca to come save the day)!
But alas, here I am to regale the tales of our little Mexico trip a couple weekends ago.

-Courtney ordering the worlds most disgusting shrimp cocktail on the first night. It looked more like a shrimp shake than anything else
-The sweet little restaurant bringing us blankets because we were freezing at night! They probably contained some sort of disease but YOLO amigos!!!
-Golfing into the ocean (and almost getting hit by a Courtney shot)
-More tacos
-Horses on the beach. Except I didn't participate this time as I am still scarred from my last experience (as told here). But everyone else had fun!
-Pizzas at the most precious little joint with a dog mascot and waiters that wear fedoras! So hip!
-Brett's guacamole. I'm not even a guac person and I couldn't get enough. Somebody husband that dude. Does husband work in the same context as "someone wife her"? Guess what it does now!!
-Shayna's breakfasts
-Lucky unders and nerts and just cards all day

-Waiting 4 hours at the border to get back into the US of A. Worst.

Wanna see pics of how much fun we had? TOO BAD! Because I only took 4, and 2 of them are of me eating. Jokes on you suckas.

said diseased blankets. the sweetest. 

a great panorama of everyone eating! please notice brett's midget arm.

Adios homies.

Monday, May 6, 2013

a red nose, a bad 6 weeks, and a skeezy man.

Oh hi there, I'm back from a week that was half busiest time of my life/ half vacation! There will certainly be a Mexico recap post in the near future, but until then... a small update. Because it's my blog and I like random updates.

-Group projects come directly from Satan. This we all know, but it was confirmed to me this week when I spent a good 10 hours working on one. Oh and its still not done! The joys of higher education!
-Said group project is a 10 minute video adaptation of Candide. I play a man, of course. One of my group members is a very proud stoner, which works out well as he plays the part of Pangloss.
-Everyone should own a pair of Flyknits! I'm addicted to mine. Bad news is they've pretty much ruined all other shoes for me because they are SO dang comfortable. I'm currently in love with this new colorway.
-While in Mexico, I (of course) ignored all things sunscreen and consequently look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!
-Did I mention that my car has been in the shop for 6 weeks??? I repeat, 6 WEEKS. No hurry, guys. Not like I have a life or anything!
-Because of these heinous 6 weeks, I have literally forgotten that I even own a car. I just jump from moms to dads to friends to neighbors... really whoever has a free set of wheels. Mini? What Mini? I think this will just make our reunion sweeter.
-Also because of these heinous 6 weeks, last weekend I was trapped in my house for an entire Saturday because all cars were being used and no one was home. Sooo I'm happy to report that I'm currently caught up on any and all shows I've been lagging on (Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Real Housewives)! Also, I think I cleared the entire pantry. Great/terrible things happen when you're trapped at home!
-Okay, I'll stop talking about heinous 6 weeks and tell you a funny story. This UFC fighter came into Nike the other day when I was working and flirted. non. stop. (I promise this is not a bragging story) Like he just let his entourage shop for him and stayed at the register by me saying things like "those leggings look amazing on you" and "girl you are swagged out". Which is very flattering but kind of uncomfortable, ya know? And all my coworkers were making fun of me because really this guy would not leave me alone. So I go home and google him because duh, that's just what you do in these situations! Surprise surprise, he had gotten engaged literally the week before!! Hahaha what a skeeze. Ladies, don't date/marry UFC fighters.