Wednesday, April 24, 2013

tennessee kids.

The morning after the concert, we said our sweet goodbyes to Atlanta and made our way to the fabulous world of Murfreesboro, Tennessee! But of course we had to stop at Boot's favorite place first...

The drive was unbelievably gorgeous! Makes that Vegas to Utah drive look like hell. Most of the time it looked something like this...

When we got there we relaxed a little bit. Gentry is the QUEEN of fabulous nail art, so I commissioned some work from her! Didn't it turn out amazing?

We also had some fun with the camera in their beautiful backyard, which mostly resulted in lots of pictures of Tryce because he's too dang cute.

 That night we went to a birthday party for their family friend, who happened to live in a house that was basically straight out of the Hannah Montana movie! It was unreal. This is literally their backyard. Can you even imagine growing up here?

One of their horses had the craziest blue eyes! I'm not a horse person AT ALL but she was pretty beautiful.

Hannah was so embarrassed at me taking pictures of these people's house haha. But it's not like we're ever going to see them again, and it was too beautiful not to document!

Look at this sunset... it was so stunning. This is such a beautiful part of the country and completely unlike anywhere I had ever been before.

Tennessee definitely stole a piece of my heart!

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