Wednesday, April 24, 2013

rayna james and juliette barnes.

Our last day in the South was spent wandering the streets of Downtown Nashville! We LOVED it... especially Boots. She was in heaven.

We found the cutest old-fashioned candy store!

We walked down to the river and took some pictures by the bridge! Mostly we love the bridge because they always show it on the show Nashville... do you watch that show? Because my family is obsessed (hence the title of this post)! Also this denim jacket was the only jacket I brought, hence why I'm wearing it in every picture from the weekend haha. And my hair wasn't real cooperative but I was so entranced by Nashville that I didn't really mind!

We DID find Rayna and Juliette!

Smalls had some fried catfish for lunch before we left for the airport... she's so adventurous with her seafood. We really couldn't be any more different in that department.

Then we had to strap ourselves (and Duffy) into the airplane, where we once again lucked out with an empty middle seat! We must have really good plane karma. Said our goodbyes to Nashville from the air, hoping we get to come back again soon!

I'd give my first experience with the South an A++++.

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