Wednesday, April 3, 2013

getting back on the horse

It's been quite a week. Oh, and it's only Wednesday!

For whatever reason, life just hit me like a freight train on Monday. It felt like everything I had been worrying about or avoiding or ignoring just all decided to jump me from behind.
I can't seem to snap out of it.

Do you know that feeling that I'm talking about? I would really hope you don't, because it sucks major.

So I'm trying things like reading my scriptures and listening to conference talks, and let me tell you, it helps (duh alyssa... why didn't you figure this out sooner??). It makes me feel like I'm not alone in this very immense world. So even if I have a constant chant of reassurance in my head and wear extra big sunglasses to hide my tears, I'm okay. Everything will work out. I'm grateful to have someone who knows me the most and loves me the most, and I'm positive he has some purpose for this ridiculous hell of a week. I think I was getting too comfortable and needed a heavy dose of humbling.

Funny how this life works... always keeping me on my toes.


Shaylee Leavitt said...

I have those moments too. I love listening to the Mormon channel gospel solutions for families series while I'm going throughout my day. You should give it a try. It usually gives me that ray of hope that everything is going to get better if I keep chugging along. Love you.

Jacquelyn Welling said...

LOVE YOU BFF!!! Come stay with me soon and make breakfast meats and watch Dreamgirls or maybe Heavyweights...