Sunday, April 14, 2013

at this very minute

Watching: Desperate Housewives, of course. I think I'm a Susan (single, slightly awkward yet charming, messes up a lot but always means well). Who are you?

Thinking: I really should be writing my lit essay right now. HA. Anyone have any insight to Emily Dickinson?

Regretting: Eating that extra piece of pie tonight. Ughhhhh why.

Loving: Everything about church today. The lesson in RS was exactly what I needed to hear.

Excited about: Atlanta and Nashville this weekend! And my fav T. Swift of course!!!!!

Not excited about: The flights to and from Atlanta and Nashville this weekend. Book recommendations?

Missing: My sweet Utah girlfriends. Come play.

Wanting: New dresses. A vacation. My hair to grow. To be done with school. Should I go on??

Dreading: Swimsuit shopping. The two most feared words for a female.

Praying: I get my little baby Mini back this week! Please please please body shop, it's been a whole month! I'm tired of the Louisiana Carolla I've been stuck with. Help a sister out.

Hoping: This week is more exciting than the last so I can have something worthwhile to blog about :))))


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