Wednesday, April 24, 2013

rayna james and juliette barnes.

Our last day in the South was spent wandering the streets of Downtown Nashville! We LOVED it... especially Boots. She was in heaven.

We found the cutest old-fashioned candy store!

We walked down to the river and took some pictures by the bridge! Mostly we love the bridge because they always show it on the show Nashville... do you watch that show? Because my family is obsessed (hence the title of this post)! Also this denim jacket was the only jacket I brought, hence why I'm wearing it in every picture from the weekend haha. And my hair wasn't real cooperative but I was so entranced by Nashville that I didn't really mind!

We DID find Rayna and Juliette!

Smalls had some fried catfish for lunch before we left for the airport... she's so adventurous with her seafood. We really couldn't be any more different in that department.

Then we had to strap ourselves (and Duffy) into the airplane, where we once again lucked out with an empty middle seat! We must have really good plane karma. Said our goodbyes to Nashville from the air, hoping we get to come back again soon!

I'd give my first experience with the South an A++++.

tennessee kids.

The morning after the concert, we said our sweet goodbyes to Atlanta and made our way to the fabulous world of Murfreesboro, Tennessee! But of course we had to stop at Boot's favorite place first...

The drive was unbelievably gorgeous! Makes that Vegas to Utah drive look like hell. Most of the time it looked something like this...

When we got there we relaxed a little bit. Gentry is the QUEEN of fabulous nail art, so I commissioned some work from her! Didn't it turn out amazing?

We also had some fun with the camera in their beautiful backyard, which mostly resulted in lots of pictures of Tryce because he's too dang cute.

 That night we went to a birthday party for their family friend, who happened to live in a house that was basically straight out of the Hannah Montana movie! It was unreal. This is literally their backyard. Can you even imagine growing up here?

One of their horses had the craziest blue eyes! I'm not a horse person AT ALL but she was pretty beautiful.

Hannah was so embarrassed at me taking pictures of these people's house haha. But it's not like we're ever going to see them again, and it was too beautiful not to document!

Look at this sunset... it was so stunning. This is such a beautiful part of the country and completely unlike anywhere I had ever been before.

Tennessee definitely stole a piece of my heart!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Friday morning started disgustingly early with an alarm set for 3:30 AM. Yuck. But, 3:30 AM is easy to digest when you're headed off on a great adventure!
Destination: Atlanta, GA.
Mission: Gather together to worship the goddess that is T. Swift. Mission also known as the Red Tour.

Our flight was long but we lucked out with an empty middle seat! Big win. Boots was feeling generous and let me sleep on her lap... what a gem. That possibly makes up for her current habit of making mean faces in pictures, which you'll be seeing quite soon. We met up with our great friends the Grensings, who invited us to join them at the concert. Thanks guys!

After what Boots describes as the best meal of her life (Trout... surprise surprise. How are we related?) and a short power nap, we were off to Phillips Arena! To get into the arena you have to go through CNN headquarters, which was interesting because this was the day of the manhunt for the Boston Marathon guy. The place was a ZOO. They took my good camera away but I'm very stealthy and had a backup... suck on that, arena security!
*You guys, I'm really sorry for the embarrassing amount of excitement and detail I'm about to give on T. Swift. Please understand that I just love her so so much. I can't even explain it, we just have a true bond.

remember Boots' obnoxious faces? yeah, this was on purpose.  

The concert started out with some country guy I'd never heard of. But he was really good! And then it was time for ED SHEERAN. I've already documented my love for Ed. His set was completely solo- just him and a guitar. Ughhhh you guys he's amazing! Serious talent. If I had 8 billion dollars I would gift everyone his album on iTunes. And he's a ginger with this ridiculous British accent that's just the best thing ever! Okay, I'll stop now. My one photo of Ed haha:

Now it was time for the woman herself!! Taylor gave us everything we wanted and MORE. I'd heard her voice wasn't that great live, but I was so impressed! I thought she sounded perfect. She had like a million outfit changes, the cutest outfits of course. When she talks to the audience, it seems like she's letting you in on all her secrets. I feel like we are just besties! But I'm sure the other 15,000 people there felt like that too hahaha. Also she literally cried while singing All Too Well and it literally MADE MY LIFE. It might have been staged but I ate it up.

During the middle of 22 she went through the crowd and switched stages so she was right in front of us. It was so thrilling! Also she sang one of my favorite songs ever that she never sings at her concerts- 15. I love that song. It was just too perfect.

Ed Sheeran came back to sang Everything Has Changed. Hannah LOVES this song and it has special meaning to her so she may or may not have teared up... it was just the cutest thing ever.

She surprised us with B.O.B. and they did Both Of Us! So so fun.

 If I could I would buy everyone tickets to the Red Tour because it was seriously a blast! T. Swift is such an entertainer. I may or may not be trying to go again in LA later this summer! We ended the night with lost voices and some delicious Georgia peach cobbler. Heaven.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

at this very minute

Watching: Desperate Housewives, of course. I think I'm a Susan (single, slightly awkward yet charming, messes up a lot but always means well). Who are you?

Thinking: I really should be writing my lit essay right now. HA. Anyone have any insight to Emily Dickinson?

Regretting: Eating that extra piece of pie tonight. Ughhhhh why.

Loving: Everything about church today. The lesson in RS was exactly what I needed to hear.

Excited about: Atlanta and Nashville this weekend! And my fav T. Swift of course!!!!!

Not excited about: The flights to and from Atlanta and Nashville this weekend. Book recommendations?

Missing: My sweet Utah girlfriends. Come play.

Wanting: New dresses. A vacation. My hair to grow. To be done with school. Should I go on??

Dreading: Swimsuit shopping. The two most feared words for a female.

Praying: I get my little baby Mini back this week! Please please please body shop, it's been a whole month! I'm tired of the Louisiana Carolla I've been stuck with. Help a sister out.

Hoping: This week is more exciting than the last so I can have something worthwhile to blog about :))))


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

getting back on the horse

It's been quite a week. Oh, and it's only Wednesday!

For whatever reason, life just hit me like a freight train on Monday. It felt like everything I had been worrying about or avoiding or ignoring just all decided to jump me from behind.
I can't seem to snap out of it.

Do you know that feeling that I'm talking about? I would really hope you don't, because it sucks major.

So I'm trying things like reading my scriptures and listening to conference talks, and let me tell you, it helps (duh alyssa... why didn't you figure this out sooner??). It makes me feel like I'm not alone in this very immense world. So even if I have a constant chant of reassurance in my head and wear extra big sunglasses to hide my tears, I'm okay. Everything will work out. I'm grateful to have someone who knows me the most and loves me the most, and I'm positive he has some purpose for this ridiculous hell of a week. I think I was getting too comfortable and needed a heavy dose of humbling.

Funny how this life works... always keeping me on my toes.