Friday, March 29, 2013

spring break.

Why was I not here? Why am I not here permanently?
Contrary to the above photo, my spring break has consisted of:
-Working for 2 days
-Going back and forth literally 700 times between going to P-town and staying home
-Deciding to stay home, mostly based off having no motivation to pack
-Sleeping in
-Eating anything and everything terrible (including a strange craving for hot cheetos. Please don't ask.)
-Watching a million hours of Desperate Housewives on netflix
-Watching my sweetest little dude nephew and having so much fun eating french fries for lunch and swimming in the jacuzzi
-Not doing my hair or putting on makeup for 3 days straight (going on 4... holler)
-Laying out but mostly getting pink instead of tan
-Re-reading The Great Gatsby in preparation for the movie
-Watching bball with my pops
-Napping at all hours
-Luv It's and Scandal with Kori and Stefan (highlight of the week, for sure)
-Making these sugar cookies after seeing them on pinterest 87 times
*quick review- yummy, but not as great as advertised. Don't really taste like sugar cookies, a little harder than I would like. I didn't make their frosting because I ran out of powdered sugar so maybe that makes a difference? I just used some spare rainbow chip frosting... because who doesn't have rainbow chip frosting lying around at all times?
-Finding a Marc Jacobs bag I've been wanting for FOREVER for HALF OFF at Nordstrom Rack!!! The rack gods were with me that day. Bless them.

Does this sound incredibly boring to you? Because mostly it was incredibly boring. For my final act of Spring Break tomorrow, I plan on waking up really late and maybe going to return some things at the mall but only if I fell like actually putting on makeup. And most definitely watching lots and lots of Desperate Housewives. Go out with a bang!

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Jacquelyn Welling said...

THE WORST DECISION EVER not to come to P-TOWN!!! I'm so upset with you, You could have come to Burger Supreme on Friday and then shopping and lunch today!!!! Grrrrrrrr