Wednesday, March 6, 2013

it's march, ya'll!

Here's the rundown.

I'm having a hard time thinking about anything other than SCANDAL!! (side note- I just LOLed reading that back. What if I had some secret raunchy life full of scandalous doings? Like I said, LOL) Talking about the TV show, duh. Kori and Stefan got me hooked and now all I do is pretend I'm Olivia Pope. Girl has some FIERCE winter coats, ya'll.

Can you tell that I get invested in TV shows? Because I do. I could take a million pages writing about the bachelor so I can't even start, except to say I'm Team Catherine. Cannot get over wedding dress girl, sorry.

Oh one more Bachelor mention: If you didn't know, Tierra grew up in Vegas and it seems like everyone and their mother has a Tierra story. Half of them are that she's just as nuts as she was on the show, and half of them are "oh shes so sweet it's all editing". I don't know the girl, but I think it would have to be some extremely creative editing to make someone look THAT bad. If you have any Tierra stories, let me know!

I've been so busy these last few weeks that it seems like I haven't had a day off in years! All I can say is that spring break is going to be heaven sent this year. Lets all say a prayer for some good weather so ya girl can get some color in these pasty white legs.

I've been trying so so so hard to eat better and I feel like I've been doing well except all day long I crave circus peanuts. You know, the orange candy ones that are basically pure sugar? You guys, I cannot.stop. Send help.

I got the literal worst road rage of my life the other day. I only had an hour to go from one job to the other and I was starving so I was going to stop at in n out real quick (HAHA about that whole eating better thing) but then it took me the entire hour to get 3 stoplights down the street. You know what that means... screams! Horns! Fingers flying! (not mine, of course) Blast you, MGM construction! So I had to go to work starving and cranky and it was just not the business. Luckily our vending machine now carries fruit snacks, which I may or may not have eaten a double dose of to compensate for the lack of lunch.

OMG biggest news of all...
Did I tell you guys I'm going to ATLANTA in april to see my ultimate idol TAYLOR SWIFT?!?! Along with my secret ginger lover Ed Sheeran?!?!?! Me and boots get to go with our best homies the Grensings and then we get to go back with them to their sweet little Tennessee home. The south, guys! I literally cannot wait.


Jackie Welling said...

Haha I just love your posts, and I MISS YOU! I might have to start watching this Scandal show now...

Alyssa Joy said...

j PLEASE watch it so we can discuss! You will be addicted. First season is on netflix, and you can catch up with 2nd season on Hulu.