Tuesday, February 26, 2013

perks of the swoosh

Most days I don't enjoy my nike job too much.
I mean, who wants to stand on their feet for 8 hours and fold clothes and fetch shoe boxes for the world's most indecisive people? It's not the ideal situation.

However, there are certain magical days when the stars align and it's freestyle friday so you can wear your lime green Lunarglides and you're at cashwrap with your favorite coworkers and tim tebow walks up to you with a bag full of stuff.

Yes, this Tim Tebow.

And then he smiles at you and introduces himself (duh Tim, we all know who you are) and you have the following conversation:
Alyssa: Did you find everything okay?
Tim Tebow: Yes, but I can't decide on this jacket. What do you think?
Alyssa: I think that's a very good looking jacket. You definitely need it.
Tim Tebow: You know what? You're right. I'm getting it. Just because you said so.
Alyssa: { melts on the floor and dies }

You guys, Tim Tebow is a FLIRT. Like for real. I'd like to flatter myself, but really I think it's just because he's a nice guy.
Oh and also, his eyes are really blue and he has a really gorgeous smile AND he meets my height requirement. Sorry for being such a fangirl. Really I'm just mad that the conversation didn't go more like this:

Tim Tebow: I really like those ridiculous lime green Lunarglides you're wearing. Can you go grab me a pair so we can match?
Alyssa: Of course, Tim. Matching couples are all the rage these days, just look at Kimye! Oh and by the way, I'm a good Mormon girl and I'm pretty sure our morals and values and life goals in general would match, too!
Tim Tebow: You know what? You're right. We match in every way, and we would have beautiful babies. Quit your job right now and run away with me.

That's not too much to ask, right?

Shout out to my fab coworkers for secretly documenting the encounter!

the infamous jacket

Next time the sparks are bound to fly, right?


Brittany said...

ha! lucky! this is why you continue to work there. i don't blame you.

Samantha Carrillo said...

I love him. He's such a dream boat.

Sarah Runyon said...

oh my gosh haha this is amazing!!

The ORR Family said...

dream. dreamy. jealous. proud. love it all. but mostly him