Monday, January 28, 2013

anatomy of a monday.

I woke up.
Late, I might add.
I had wonderful plans to wake up at a decent hour and actually make myself presentable for work, a plan I make every night. And it usually only happens like 1/5 of the time.
Ponytail it is. Gross one, but what can you do?
I went to work and got to business like a mad woman. Catch up on travel docs? Check. Card reconciliation? Check. Go pick up car-less player and wait 20 minutes for him to come out to the car and then he requests to go to Cane's before dropping him off and so we do and the wonderful smell of Cane's lingers in my car for the rest of the afternoon? Ugh... check.
I was sent to the storage room to get some t-shirts and WWE is at the Thomas and Mack so I took the long way through the backstage hallway hoping to catch a glimpse of a scary wrestler guy just because I was curious.
I probably did see one, but I wouldn't recognize a wrestler anyways. Unless it was the Rock.
It definitely wasn't The Rock.
Drove home.
Ate some chips even though I shouldn't have. Why can't you just eat one chip? WHY?
Convinced the little one to go to the gym with me.
Had a fabulous workout and stayed on the treadmill forever thanks to Chasing the Saturdays on E! of course.
Those girls are too fab.
Wondered for the millionth time why I wasn't born with a british accent.
Came home. Did some homework. Fell asleep.
Power naps are the greatest.
Felt like I should probably shower at some point in my life.
Have I told you about Zen Care hair treatment? It's changed my life. Or my hair's life, I guess.
Now I'm writing this little bloggy.
Currently thinking that I can't resist going to Cane's for dinner because the smell has been haunting me all day.
I wish the Bachelor came on an hour earlier... 8:00 is too late for my old lady sleeping habits.
Going to catch up on some Parenthood tonight before I go to bed. Have you watched it? I'm in love.

I'm off to Cane's. Love you boos.

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Chase + Destiny said...

Obsessed with chasing the Saturdays. Mollie is my fav