Sunday, January 20, 2013

a recommendation for you

From the ages of about 8 to 12, I had a very best friend.
We were both tall.
We both had weird hair.
We were inseparable.

Jill was basically my twin soul. She lived right around the corner so the easy access was wonderful. We walked home from school together and played mario kart on her N64 and made up what we thought were award-winning dances to Britney Spears songs and preformed them wherever and whenever we could. After the 1996 Olympics we became obsessed with the Magnificent 7 gymnastics team and wrote letters to every one of them. I was super jealous when Jill got a Shannon Miller catalogue in the mail as a reply to her letter... apparently Shannon didn't like my letter as much. Oh well, C'est La Vie.

Jill moved to Utah when we were 12 and I was heartbroken. I got to go visit her a few times and we always had the best time together! She came to visit me once and we holed up in my room and spent the entire weekend watching the whole first season of Gilmore Girls. As you can tell, we are SUPER cool people. That obviously hasn't changed.

I bring all this up because Jill is now living her dreams and getting her masters in writing from Pepperdine in Malibu. She is hilarious and such a talented writer and is chronicling her Malibu journey on her blog at I think everyone should go read it because she is brilliant and so funny and has so many good stories to tell. Because who doesn't love a witty blog writing about such amazing topics as teen soap operas, sports crushes, and Liz Lemon? I know I sure do.

Just a little recommendation for you.

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