Monday, January 28, 2013

anatomy of a monday.

I woke up.
Late, I might add.
I had wonderful plans to wake up at a decent hour and actually make myself presentable for work, a plan I make every night. And it usually only happens like 1/5 of the time.
Ponytail it is. Gross one, but what can you do?
I went to work and got to business like a mad woman. Catch up on travel docs? Check. Card reconciliation? Check. Go pick up car-less player and wait 20 minutes for him to come out to the car and then he requests to go to Cane's before dropping him off and so we do and the wonderful smell of Cane's lingers in my car for the rest of the afternoon? Ugh... check.
I was sent to the storage room to get some t-shirts and WWE is at the Thomas and Mack so I took the long way through the backstage hallway hoping to catch a glimpse of a scary wrestler guy just because I was curious.
I probably did see one, but I wouldn't recognize a wrestler anyways. Unless it was the Rock.
It definitely wasn't The Rock.
Drove home.
Ate some chips even though I shouldn't have. Why can't you just eat one chip? WHY?
Convinced the little one to go to the gym with me.
Had a fabulous workout and stayed on the treadmill forever thanks to Chasing the Saturdays on E! of course.
Those girls are too fab.
Wondered for the millionth time why I wasn't born with a british accent.
Came home. Did some homework. Fell asleep.
Power naps are the greatest.
Felt like I should probably shower at some point in my life.
Have I told you about Zen Care hair treatment? It's changed my life. Or my hair's life, I guess.
Now I'm writing this little bloggy.
Currently thinking that I can't resist going to Cane's for dinner because the smell has been haunting me all day.
I wish the Bachelor came on an hour earlier... 8:00 is too late for my old lady sleeping habits.
Going to catch up on some Parenthood tonight before I go to bed. Have you watched it? I'm in love.

I'm off to Cane's. Love you boos.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

a recommendation for you

From the ages of about 8 to 12, I had a very best friend.
We were both tall.
We both had weird hair.
We were inseparable.

Jill was basically my twin soul. She lived right around the corner so the easy access was wonderful. We walked home from school together and played mario kart on her N64 and made up what we thought were award-winning dances to Britney Spears songs and preformed them wherever and whenever we could. After the 1996 Olympics we became obsessed with the Magnificent 7 gymnastics team and wrote letters to every one of them. I was super jealous when Jill got a Shannon Miller catalogue in the mail as a reply to her letter... apparently Shannon didn't like my letter as much. Oh well, C'est La Vie.

Jill moved to Utah when we were 12 and I was heartbroken. I got to go visit her a few times and we always had the best time together! She came to visit me once and we holed up in my room and spent the entire weekend watching the whole first season of Gilmore Girls. As you can tell, we are SUPER cool people. That obviously hasn't changed.

I bring all this up because Jill is now living her dreams and getting her masters in writing from Pepperdine in Malibu. She is hilarious and such a talented writer and is chronicling her Malibu journey on her blog at I think everyone should go read it because she is brilliant and so funny and has so many good stories to tell. Because who doesn't love a witty blog writing about such amazing topics as teen soap operas, sports crushes, and Liz Lemon? I know I sure do.

Just a little recommendation for you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2012.

{ january }

Ummm... apparently I did absolutely nothing significant in January? Lets pretend I did something super cool and I just forgot to take any pictures. That's plausible right? Kinda? Moving on.

{ february }

Took a quick trip to Mexico with the fam. I hope everyone gets to experience true Mexico once in their lives. We're talking real, somewhat ghetto (but still safe!), random taco hut on the side of the road, you're not sure exactly what the meat is, getting churros from the side of the road while waiting at the border, MEXICO mexico. A quick tip for you: It's more fun with a big family all crammed into one giant van.

Had a bachelorette party for the fabulous KB (now Mrs. Newman) at Max Brenner

{ march }

The Kori and Stefan Wedding! So perfect. So romantic. So out of touch with my own personal reality for my future wedding! I live vicariously through these two. Anytime I can wear a full-length dress, count me in.

Followed up a few weeks later by the wedding of my sweet lifelong best friend Ally to her prince charming Steve. True love at its finest! And a rather dapper-looking wedding party, if I do say so myself!

{ april }

A fabulous last hurrah trip to Disneyland before Chase left on his mission. So many sweet memories from this trip!

{ may }

Once again, I have no proof that I was even alive in May 2012. If anyone finds any evidence proving otherwise, please pass it along.

{ june }

Said cheerio to our sweet Elder Yase for two years!

Saw the President of the United States at UNLV, which was an awesome experience regardless of whether or not I agree with his politics.

Took Hannah and her friends to the One Direction concert and secretly fell in love with them myself. I'm a Harry girl, in case you were wondering. Please let me know your preference as well.

Celebrated my 24th birthday (ugh) with an excellent donut cake from my best sister-in-law Shaylee, who basically fulfilled all my birthday wishes.

{ july }

Dixon family reunion at Brianhead and the bike ride of death!

Besties trip to San Diego. Sun, sand, and weinerschnitzel. What more could a girl ask for?

{ august }

Celebrated Padre's 50th birthday at Lawry's

Had lots of swimming parties with this cutest wittle guy!

Did baptisms with my littlest Bill

{ september }

Traded in the good ol Vue for baby Mini! I still think she's the cutest little ever.

Went to the Kellogs Gymnastics tour with your mom and Bill. We love the Fierce 5!

San Francisco! Painted Ladies! Golden Gate! Insanely gorgeous olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian! GIANTS CLINCH (and eventually win the World Series!)

{ october }

OMG still crying about this. Did I tell you guys that Justin Timberlake touched me? Because he did. Just look at that arm wrapped so warmly around me. His hand fits too perfectly on my shoulder, right? Ugh it's annoying how perfect we look together, isn't it?

Made my glorious return to P-town to see the golden child and shower her with massages, pedicures and costco trips

Met the precious Miss Harper May Mackay for the first time! Her name rhymes, isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?

Celebrated the wedding of one of my most favorite people ever, Jac Kerouac (yes, thats her new married name... she's famous) and reunited with the SUU bests

{ november }

Tortured Jessica by sending her pictures from Rebel games she's not at... it's my favorite hobby

Made your mom a birthday cake... clearly I have an enormous future in cake decorating, right?

{ december }

Went to Portland and the Employee Store

Set up the train and played with it for many hours with my favorite wittle

and celebrated his 2nd birthday with his very own Elmo cake! He's seriously the cutest thing on this earth. Trust.

Had our annual gingerbread festival with Bec, Jackie and Ally and their husbands. One day I'll have a husband to contribute, guys. I promise I won't be a 5th (7th?) wheel forevs.

Had a wonderful and spiritual Christmas Eve with my family, which included a very touching and special letter from Elder Yase. Something I will remember for a very long time.

Skyped with said Elder! Technology is amazing. He loves England and we love him. And he's lost 30 pounds in 6 months! How do I get on that plan?

Fell in love with everything Carolina blue on a quick trip to Chapel Hill

Spent New Year's Eve day at the church prepping for the big dance! Boots has the cutest friends and I try to make them my friends too. I'm such an embarrassing older sister. Don't worry, I spent my New Years Eve in my pajamas playing board games with my other sister's friends. I really should find some of my own one of these days.

2012 was an interesting year. Not terrible, but not terribly exciting. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish in 2013 and for the first time in a long time, I feel excited about the coming year. It's always nice to have a fresh start and a lot of things to look forward to. xoxo