Monday, December 31, 2012


Since I still work at Nike (who ever thought I would still be there 2 years later... cray) I have access to the Employee Store in Portland, which is pretty much Nike heaven and everything is 50% off and there's no sales tax. It was a heavenly coincidence that the Rebels were playing a game in Portland in early December, so my dad put me on his southwest companion pass and we went to go do some christmas shopping and see our best boys! Of course the golden child got to come along because really, what doesn't Jessica get to do? I love going to random places and exploring. I had one short stint in Portland with Court (relive it here), but that was literally only 12 hours. This time we were there for 2 days, and it was SUPER fun and jam packed!

 First stop: Employee Store. Packed and heavenly and overwhelming. Nike Santa was oh so good to the Leavitt family this year! And I got to see one of my fav former coworkers that moved here. It was so cool and if you ever get the chance to go, you HAVE to do it!
Next was Voodoo Donuts aka the absolute hands-down most incredible donut of all time. And I really know my donuts, trust. Like I can't even describe the amazingness of these donuts, they are so light and fluffy and sugary and just everything a donut should be. It's no wonder everyone RAVES about this place! Please please please go there and bring me back 18 boxes when you return.

It obviously always rains in Portland but it was pouring the whole time we were there, so at this point my hair died. Don't feel bad for me tho because I didn't bring a jacket with a hood so it was totes my fault. Just don't judge my appearance, thanks xoxo

 Working for men's basketball will also get you fabulous seats at away games... one of the perks of the world's best job! We played awful but came out with a W, which is really all that matters.

We loved Portland!

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