Saturday, December 8, 2012


Time to check in with the blog since I'm awful at writing in my journal. Not that this post has anything to do with anything.
I really just want to express how sick I am of my hair. 
But first, lets go through a short history of my hair issues.

High school = my stubborn curls that I had somehow wrangled into looking somewhat presentable. All you people who say you wish you had curly hair: trust me, you don't want it. Such a pain.

Senior year it went through a huge growth spurt, which I loved. I miss my long hair so so so much. (Also can we have a moment of silence for how skinny I was? Why oh why do we take these things for granted?)

After my freshman year of college, something possessed me to chop it all off. Looking back, I think it was Satan himself. I liked it for like a month. You know how people say to live life with no regrets? I'm pretty sure that's impossible, because this cut is one of the many things I regret over the years! For the record, I think regret is healthy. Moving on...

It's been 5 years and my hair has only grown a little past my shoulders. So. Frustrating. I've been so afraid to do anything to it other than the tiniest little trim, because I'm still scarred. I did experiment with this reddish-golden blonde color last year, which I loved...
...but last week when I said I wanted to try it again, my family admitted they hated it. Like my dad literally said to never do it again hahaha. 

And somehow in the midst of all this, my curls have gone pretty and manageable to a mess of weird, voluminous kinks and a cloud of frizz. Who woulda thought I would miss that crazy mess I had in high school? Now I'm forced to straighten it everyday, which is such a time suck. Not to mention heat damage up the wazoo.

So what's a girl to do? I love being blonde and it's pretty much my identity. I don't want to go dark, but I'm so so so tired of going back to the salon and getting the same boring thing every time. HELP ME. 
I came across this picture of Blake Lively the other day (she's such a goddess) and I kind of love this strawberry blonde thing she had going on... but I'm now terrified that I'll look awful, thanks to my family's recent disclosure.

Should I take the leap? I hear strawberry blondes have more fun...

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Nicole said...

How have I never commented on your blog?!
In regards to the hair, I actually really loved that reddish blonde color you had going on. your family doesn't like it? I love it! And that strawberry blonde color is unreal, I say go for it.