Monday, October 15, 2012

JT + young dreams.

I discovered Nsync at age 10 after they had a concert on Disney Channel.
That was all it took. I was obsessed.
And what young girl wasn't? There was something for everyone. And for me, that something was a platinum blonde, curly haired little cutie called Justin Timberlake. 
Like really? How could you resist this face?
My very first concert was Nsync when I was 11. It was at the MGM Grand and we were pretty much at the very top but it didn't matter... best.night.ever. And my crush Kyle was there with my neighbor so it was like my dream! 
I've never given up on my love for sweet JT. His solo career was incredible, and really I'm kind of torn up about the fact that he's basically given up music to pursue acting full time. LAME, justin. You can totally do both. 

Anyways, a few years ago my sister Jessica went with my dad to Justin's golf tournament here in town. Long story short, my dad tricked Justin into coming over to take a picture with them by telling him he was friends with the bball coach at Memphis where he's from (total lie, yet very effective). AND I WAS INSANELY JEALOUS. Because I love him. And of course she's gloated about this for YEARS now.

So this year my dad was invited to play in the pro-am at the JT Shriners Invitational (and his team came in 2nd! How cool!) and he thought that maybe we could go try to catch Justin coming off the 18th hole. We headed down to the golf course and waited for a little bit for him to come. There was hardly anyone there and we waited right by the rope so we could at least catch a glimpse. 

He came off the 18th a walked right by us...

Dreamy. I was actually satisfied with this because i got to at least see him, and he was super nice. But it was a beautiful day so we decided to stick around and watch some golf for a little. I got to meet Josh Kelley, who was SO sweet. I once went to his concert with my high school crush- so I suppose this could be one of those full circle moments, no? I told him I loved his wife (Katherine Heigl) and he said he did too haha. A little bit later I totally saw her! Izzie from Greys aka my favorite tv character ever. She is SO gorgeous and tall! But we didn't talk to her because she was always with people. Exciting nonetheless.

Then we heard people start cheering and who magically appeared but the man himself!! He just came out and went along the line to everyone. He was SO nice and took his time to sign stuff and take pictures with whoever wanted. We had clubhouse passes so we actually just waited right next to him behind the rope where everyone was waiting. He's just as charming and funny as you would think... this lady in front of us gave him her jack in the box receipt to autograph and he totally called her out on it and wouldn't sign her crappy receipt haha. LOVE HIM.

And then he came to me! And I was so thrilled. I told him that our picture had to be really good because my sister took one with him a couple years ago and she always holds it over my head. He said "Let's do this" and pulled me right in close... SWOON. Have I mentioned I love him? Because I do. I LOVE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.
Side note- I just really wish I would've woken up and actually gotten ready that day, because this picture is going to be with me forever. Lesson learned!

10 year-old Alyssa totally would've died. 24 year-old Alyssa isn't much different.


Jackie Welling said...

I will forever be SO JEALOUS of this! I Love it.

The ORR Family said...

coincidentally I am watching The Social Network AS I started blog stalking and WHO was I ga gaing over. WISHING I could have part of my life. LOVING his acting, but WISHING and DYING for him to make my knees buckle with his voice and swag. Seriously perfect timing. When I saw this on instagram I grabbed Spencer and shoved it in his face and just said "shut up". Even he was jealous. This is forever long comment, but it's beause I'm forever jealous and proud and want to be as close to him as he made you be. JT forever. Love you...congrats

Melissa said...

Im so jealous!!! im in love with him too!!!!