Friday, October 26, 2012

insta-life 3.

In (semi)recent news:

Elder Yase sent us a package full of Olympic goodies! Some One Direction dolls snuck in there as well... wonder who those are for?

I did baptisms with my home ward and my precious little. I felt really old but it was great to be there with Boots! She is amazing.

Played some intense card games with these crazies. Mayonnaise, hot sauce shots, and southern accents included.

Went to bingo with my little best. I LOVE her. We never win.

Saw the Fierce Five gymnastics team at the Thomas & Mack! Super fun.

Took a weekend trip up to Provo with my mom to visit the Golden Child! We got massages, pedicures, saw 2 movies, and spoiled Jessi with a costco trip. And we went on a gorgeous hike/walk. Any "hike" with a paved road is my kinda hike!

Watched the ridiculously intense Giants/Reds game 5 via gamecast at work. I've never been more unproductive!

We matched. Accidently.

I got to go visit and snuggle with precious little Harper May Mackay! She is so sweet and SO cute. Plus she opened her eyes for me, so obviously I'm the favorite! It's so fun to see Becca as a mom. She is so great with baby Harper. What a lucky little girl to have Bec and Davis as her parents!

Went to Jac's wedding, had a Tangled moment with the lanterns, and reunited with my SUU roomies! I love them SO much. Jac is beautiful and I'm so happy for her and Luke!

I may or may not bribe this wittlest guy to come hang out with me in the mornings by giving him elmo on my ipad... he snuggles right up! But really, just look at that face. I'm obsessed with this child. If only I could get him to say my name!!!!

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