Monday, September 17, 2012

ode to the vue

Oh, little Saturn Vue, we have oh so many memories together! We first became aquainted through my high school graduation/18th birthday, and we were immediately bests.

You carried all my things to my first year of college at SUU. You handled the snow like a freakin CHAMP and were very handy for various jaunts to see the girls in Provo. You were a co-conspirator when the roommates were feeling sneaky and decided to throw things at innocent victims in the streets of Cedar City (like really though... what else is there to do in Cedar City?). I'm sorry for accidently sitting on a junior mint and staining your seat, and for that unfortunate little (big) fender bender in Provo.

Thank you for always having heat when I lived in the cold, I really appreciate that! But what was up with the no air conditioning this summer? Did I do something to offend you? Because that's just cruel, my friend. It's really unfortunate that you're so stubborn that literally 3 different shops couldn't figure out how to fix that little (big) problem. It's really too bad that it had to come between us, but sometimes you just have to accept that some things aren't meant to last forever, you know? I hope your next owner treats you like the little jewel you are. I hope it won't be awkward if we run into each other sometime in the future... I know my new ride is super cute, but don't be jealous! You'll always have a special place in my heart.

And now, to new baby Mini, let me shower you with praises while I'm still obsessed!

I love that you are so deceptively tiny and cute on the outside, but roomy on comfortable on the inside. I love that you make me feel small, something that I don't experience very often! I love that you are super fast but due to my current driving record, I can't really take advantage of that yet. Most of all, THANK YOU for having a working A/C system!!! That's something that I will never take for granted ever ever ever ever ever again. You are my first real adult purchase and I adore everything about you!

(please ignore the awkward pose)

Bonus: It even comes Sawyer-approved!


Brittany said...

lol love the cedar shout outs! and love your pretty new car more!!!!

The ORR Family said...