Monday, September 24, 2012

I love San Francisco, vol. 2

On to day 2! We woke up, got some bagels and caught a cab to Fisherman's Wharf for our tour (and some fresh mini donuts). My dad heard about this movie tour that shows you all the places where movies have been filmed in San Francisco while showing you the actual clip. We thought it sounded like a fun and different way to see the city, so we went for it! And guess what... it was AWESOME. I didn't really know most of the movies but it was a great way to see the entire city! We seriously covered the entire city in 3 hours. Let me show you.

At Fisherman's Wharf, we saw Alcatraz from afar and Jessica felt very riveted.

We stopped for pictures at City Hall, which is so gorgeous and looks like it belongs in Paris and not in the middle of the city!

The painted ladies! AKA Full House houses AKA my childhood. Alamo Square Park has these beauties plus a stunning view of the city. I loved it here... only need like 3-5 mil and one of these houses will be mine!

Inspiration Point. Right in the middle of a Golden Gate park and a fabulous view of the bay. I think it's safe to say we all left very inspired.

The GGB herself! Fun fact: my Grammy walked across the bridge the day it opened in 1937 when she was 12 years old, and she walked across it again on the 50th anniversary. This year is the bridge's 75th anniversary and we wish Gram was here to walk across with us!

We went to the roof of this fort at the base of the bridge and it was windy and cold and AMAZING! This moment was to die for. I love this place.

We tried to recreate our picture at the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia a few years ago here

anyone recognize this? It's the house from Mrs. Doubtfire

this beautiful wall of flowers was in front of some crazy nice house in Pacific Heights right across from the Mrs. Doubtfire house
We had lunch at this crazy place from Man vs. Food called Ike's Place. It was a long wait but soooo good... my only complaint is that they have no place to actually eat. But we walked to a park nearby and ate there since it was such a gorgeous day! Oh and this place is apparently in the gay neighborhood of San Fran, which we found out when we came across a group of about 30 men walking the streets literally. butt. naked. True story! Pretty awkward when you're with your dad but it was actually super funny.

Then we headed to the Giants game! Dixon chose seats on the second row in right field. It was awesome and a totally different experience than the night before! We were right behind Hunter Pence and Jessica fell in love with him.


They won the game and clinched their division! It was SO exciting and the coolest environment ever! All the players ran around the whole field giving high fives and celebrating and it was just the best moment. Something I'll never forget! Bring on the playoffs!

It was such a short but sweet, packed trip. I loved every minute of it! I came home so exhausted but I'm already ready to go back. Hopefully I'll see you soon, San Francisco!


Kadee said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love all your Gram shout outs. :)

Heidi said...

Fear the beard has a whole new meaning for me now. (Andrew)