Sunday, September 30, 2012

full circle moments

Last night I got together with my life long bff Ally.
She is wonderful. But I've said that a million times before!
It was so awesome for many reasons, some being:
a. Sometimes I feel really alone since I'm not very good at making friends, and she invited me over just when I was feeling this
b. She's hilarious and we just laugh and laugh and laugh
c. Her new little married house is SO fabulously decorated, I was in awe!
d. We played Yahtzee, such a classic
But the best thing ever about last night was that we watched her wedding video! I don't think anyone understands our true fascination with wedding videos. We used to watch her sister Jennie's probably once a week, not even exaggerating. We would search out people's wedding videos to borrow and watch. It was by far our #1 hobby, next to spying on boys in the Whiting's backyard and making tapes of us singing.
So watching Ally's own wedding video was so strange and beautiful! How did we go from watching wedding videos to starring in them (well, some of us)? It's crazy how life can come full circle in what feels like such a short time. I love these moments.

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