Monday, August 20, 2012

why nordstrom is my weakness.

So currently I'm the only one in the office at work, as the entire Rebel bball team in on a foreign tour in Canada. Which is kinda great, because I get to work extra hours and make more money to just kinda hang out, do a little cleaning here and there, answer like 2 phone calls a day... easy money. The problem: with a lack of things to do, I tend to turn to online browsing, which usually turns very quickly into online shopping. I've never been much of an online shopper because I like to try things on and make sure they look okay. For some reason, just gets the best of me! My bestie Becca was kind enough to get these for me during Anniversary Sale, which made them significantly cheaper and thus, justifiable to my meager budget.
Michael Kors "Cameron" Watch

Paige "Skyline" Skinnies
SUCH great pickups. Its so fun to look at the after-sale price and say, "Wow, I got those for SO cheap"! I've been lusting after rose gold watches for awhile, so I'm kind of obsessed with this one.
So after the sale was over and I felt very satisfied with my purchases, I told myself I was done for awhile. I tell myself this pretty much on a daily basis, and let me just clarify, it NEVER works. So during my downtime at work last week, I went on once again, just to browse the sale section. What did I find?
Vince Camuto "Andrea" Crossbody
This adorable and perfect-sized crossbody bag! (Disclaimer: for some reason, I despise the word purse. It just doesn't sound right to me, hence my use of the word bag.) I've been looking for a good everyday crossbody, and this one happened to be available in black and was on sale! How can a girl resist a solid, good-quality black bag?! I submit that you cannot! The best part of this whole experience: I ordered the bag on wednesday around noon, and it was on my doorstep Thursday afternoon when I got home at 2:30. And did I mention the free shipping? Really Nords, free shipping and it arrives the next day? I'll take that deal every day and twice on Sundays, thanks.

Is that enough reason to love this place? And I neglected to mention the cafe! Can't even start on that now. How did we Las Vegans ever survive without a Nords in our midst? I'll leave you with the boots I'm currently lusting over. Fall is around the corner, thank goodness! Now, how can I work these into my budget...

Ariat "York" Boot

Frye "Melissa Button" Boot

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