Monday, July 30, 2012

beaching with my bests

I know everyone is probably so annoyed with all these pictures at this point, being that they've been blasted all over instagram/facebook/twitter/allotherinternetthings buuuuuuut.... you think thats gonna stop me? Please. My blog, my rules. Mostly I just love my friends and I'm oh so happy that we were able to have a mini reunion at my favorite place ever! First part of the week was spent with my parents, just hanging out and eating and going to Javiers and cool stuff like that. Fun fact, my dad is probably the beachiest person ever. He sits on these steps and stares at the ocean and listens to his Jack Johnson for literally the entire day, except when he takes breaks to go boogie boarding. He just LOVES it.

Then on thursday night, my friends arrived! So fun! Sam and Jackie's flight was super late so me and Court went and got some delicious tacos at this place that was on Man vs. Food. We took like 80 wrong turns and had to u-turn on some train tracks a few times but I'm proud to say that we finally found our way! Such smart blondes, the two of us. We just spent all the days outside and had fun at nights eating tons, seeing movies, playing nerts, and eating more. Side note: I hate that California law that requires all the calories to be put on the menus, it really ruins everything. I converted all the girls to be One Direction fans and we loved to blast it down the road. I'm so grateful for all my friends but this trip I was extremely grateful for my little Sammy who is super down to indulge in the Leavitt family tradition that is Weinerschnitzel on the beach... Ham, you are my soul mate! Quote of the week: "It's the zombie apocalypse, homie." -Samantha Dawn Carrillo

Court is truly fearless.

I don't know why this picture makes me laugh... I'm obviously pissed at Jackie for interrupting my hot dog time.

Sam and Jackie drove home with me and we had such a great time reminiscing on our weekly road trips home from SUU. I seriously love them SO much. I hope the girls had as much fun as I did! And we really missed Ally, Ciji and Britt... next time hopefully we can all make something work. I love you all!


Jackie Welling said...

Ah haha you were so upset at me! I probably said something insulting about your Weinershnitzel. P.s. I just noticed your blog address is still jackandlyss haha! so great

becca mackay said...

You would say you missed ally ciji and britt and not even mention me! Hatred!