Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Direction!! (said in a british accent, obvi)

You guys, I for reals might be in love with One Direction. Don't act like you don't know who they are! They have the most infectious and adorable song EVER, What Makes You Beautiful (youtube it now please) and they are all heartthrobs with british accents, so you really can't go wrong. I may or may not secretly wish I was 15 again so I could be obsessed with them, since I feel like it's creepy that I'm almost 24 and they are 18-20. Almost legal, right? I'm such a cougar. Anyways, Hannah is IN. LOVE. with them. Like, I've never seen anyone more obsessed with anything in my life. Her room is covered in posters and magazines and she knows every little fact about each of them. It's kind of annoying/the most endearing thing ever! I was lucky enough to be the chaperone for her and her two friends Suzie and Bethany for the concert last weekend. It was SO FUN! We had the best time! Aren't the girls so cute? They were counting down to this day for weeks. The opening act, Olly Murs, was so cute and I'm dying for his music to release in the US. And then in was 1D time! I took my mom's camera to get some good pictures since we were up in the balcony. I took this pic of the girls right when One Direction first came out... hahaha I die for their reactions! And then they all started crying because they couldn't believe they were seeing 1D in person! These boys are so cute and charming and great singers! I like that they are pretty wholesome and appropriate for Boot's age... they seem to embrace it. Have I mentioned how adorable they are? And then we went to Sugar Factory for some dessert to top off their most perfect night. I had so much fun with these girls, they are the cutest! I hope Boots never gets sick of me so I can be her concert buddy forever! Now go download some 1D :))))


Grama Linda said...

You are the best big sis! How fun!!

Anonymous said...
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