Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mr. President

Apparently President Obama thinks UNLV is important enough to become the centerpiece for his plans to lower interest rates on student loans, so he decided to come give a little speech on campus (Either that or Nevada is a swing state, you decide). Coach Augmon wanted to take his family to the speech so I was in charge of getting him tickets, and talked myself into getting one in the process. I'm not a very political person, but I figure hearing the President speak in person is once-in-a-lifetime-type stuff, right? I ended up getting a VIP ticket but I got there late so I just stood in the back with some girls from my office, and I'm kinda bummed I didn't go into VIP because he went over there and shook hands when he was done! His speech was interesting, he's definitely a good speaker and tries to interact with the audience, which I appreciated. He's very charismatic. Of course I didn't really get any good pictures, but I'll always have the experience! Thanks Barack.

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