Thursday, June 14, 2012

making it count.

Meet my newest accessory, my Nike+ Fuelband! I am not as active as I should be (aka I'm very lazy) and this little baby has kept me motivated as of late! What is it, you ask? Let me give you my little sales pitch: -It does 4 things: Tells the time, counts calories burned, counts your steps, and tracks your fuel. -What is fuel? Well my friend, let me inform you! Fuel is basically tracking any sort of movement and putting it into a point system. You make a goal for yourself to get to a certain amount of fuel each day and try to reach it by moving around and staying active. Simple, right? -The beauty of it is that it's counting literally everything you do... folding laundry, playing basketball, running, doing your makeup, dancing, literally anything (except cycling, since you wear the band on your wrist and your wrist doesn't really move while biking) -There's an app on the iphone that you download and it tracks all your fuel for the day, the week, the month, etc., and gives you little trophies when you accomplish goals. It's seriously the best! I've had it for almost a month now and I've only missed my goal twice... both on sundays because I never do anything on those days! Nike was kind enough to give us one for free so I'm grateful for that since its pretty pricy ($150) but I would seriously recommend it to anyone. Now I just need to keep upping my goal and get my booty off the couch!

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