Tuesday, June 26, 2012

insta-life, volume 2.

I saw Drake at the Cheesecake Factory by my work... this was the best I could do. 2 Observations: 1. Drake is real enough to eat at the CF? I'd think he'd at least be at Joe's or something. 2. I was really disappointed in his outfit. In fact, if there wasn't a crowd around him, I probably would never have known it was him. Huge lack of bling/rapper swag.

This wittle guy is quite the baller.

Yase is officially a missionary! While we're on the subject, please take a look at the England MTC where he's been... it's BEAUTIFUL. I'm jealous.

Smalls graduated middle school! And her class sang the world's worst/funniest version of Man in the Mirror. 8th graders should never attempt MJ.

We enjoyed a delicious lemon bar from Nordstrom Cafe and it brought back good memories from when Kori and Jessi were addicted to lemon bars and we would have to make special trips to the mall just to pick some up... good times. 

Erin Andrews replied to my tweet! It was kind of the best thing ever because I love her.

I turned 24 and got my one birthday wish... a donut cake! Thanks Dixon and Shay! 

We're obsessed with Topshop's free photo booth. 

 Jessi was in town this weekend, which of course meant sisters bonding time! Mom asked us to go get milk at the store, which naturally meant we made Hannah dress up and go in the store in character while we waited in the car. It's normal. And later that night she may or may not have made us watch the one direction concert dvd, which we secretly didn't mind.

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