Thursday, April 12, 2012

things that i enjoy, part 1.

Got a Nord's gift card to burn and I'm dying to order this Steve Madden bag... perfect neon for summer, no? Just can't decided between the green or the pink. Probably pink, but green is my fav and I feel like everyone has pink? help a sister out.

New favorite thing ever: Nars Illuminator. Use it over blush or without blush to give your cheekbones a nice little luster. Since my cheekbones are buried underneath my chipmunks cheeks, I feel like this helps them pop out a little. I would tell you the shade I like, but I think my parents read this blog and it's a little naughty so just look at the picture and make your own assumption :)))

Remember how I mentioned that I'm obsessed with Maybelline Baby Lips? Peach Kiss is my favorite. As much as I lust over lipsticks, I feel like I don't really know how to pull them off so these babies keep my lips moisturized while also giving them a pop of color... win-win, I would say!

Is anyone else neurotic about your phone covers? Superficial, I know, but I'm so picky and I have to change them out often cause I get sick of them quick! They've had so many cute ones recently, I think I might need to stock up. I like these two Kate Spade ones for summer!

And last but not least, I'd like to present my latest greatest Nordstrom Rack find: these gorgeous Tory Burch flats. They're glittery and bronze and beautiful, and I got them for a fabulous price. The Rack is my happy place.


Jackie Welling said...

And is it orgasm or Super orgasm?! hahaaaa
and get the 2nd Kate Spade case, SO CUTE!

miss you frieennnnn

Sammy Doo said...

Green bag for sure... Jack just wanted to say (or type) the word orgasm... HAHA! :)