Monday, April 30, 2012


Welcome to my life, via instagram/iphone. Enjoy.
Who doesn't love a good cake pop? Excuse my single hair standing up... just adding a bit of character.
My little Sawyer is an angel. Mostly he loves seeing himself in the camera.
I took Bill to the Kardashian Khaos store at the Mirage on her birthday. If you're desperately seeking cheesy items plastered with the faces of the K girls, this is the place for you! Although I may have come home with Kim's newest perfume... what can I say, I'm a sucker for a good scent.
Sisters outing to the new Topshop. Love that place, although it seemed much cheaper in London.
Oh you know, just an article on our long lost criminal cousin whose mom is in prison for attempted murder. Every family has their skeletons, right?
Funny how shoes always seem to pile up.
Okay, this is only my favorite thing ever. Coworker came to work on his day off to post like 10 of these in the breakroom... please take the time to read it, its HILARIOUS and was written in 100% seriousness. The best thing is, no one even really likes this kid and wanted to attend his obviously super important 21st bday bash (shocker, right?). Some people's egos never cease to amaze.
mint on mint on mint. It's becoming a problem.
Padre left me a sweet note on my car at work... made my WHOLE day. He's wonderful.
Last but not least, we spent the last weekend at Disneyland as a last hurrah family vacation before Chase leaves for London! Stay tuned for more pics.


Kadee said...

Bahahaha that letter is so funny! Looks like you guys had a fun time at Disneyland! :)

The ORR Family said...

#1 I'm real sad I passed up Nike, I know I would have been invited to that party. P.S. Is "GARVIN" a male or female?

#2 Love the mint on mint but especially your ring in that pic. I want

SAM said...

You got the green bag! I love it... and I REFUSE to believe that the note was serious... TOOO GREAT!!! MADE MY WHOLE AFTERNOON BETTER!

Alyssa Joy said...

Dead serious! The note is 100% real and he posted it to his fb too. Ham you know how crazy these Nike fools are!