Thursday, March 29, 2012

my best friend's wedding

Ally's wedding was SO beautiful and a long time coming. I think we've been talking about our weddings since we were in kindergarten, and our favorite hobby in high school was watching other people's wedding videos over and over (I think we have Jennie and Chad's memorized!). We would always talk about what pictures we would put in there, what songs would be played, everything. I'm so happy that Ally finally got to have her dream wedding! I just had such a happy heart all day. It was very surreal to see Ally come out of the temple with Steve and get to have that "you're married!!" moment with her that we've talked about for so so long. I just love her so much! Enough with the cheese, lets get on to the pictures. Can't wait to see the ones Jennie took but these will have to do for now! Shout out to Jack for being my fab photographer :)))

She was such a perfect and glowing bride! Her and Steve looked so happy.

Waiting for pictures= Holly taking all her creative photography ideas out on us. PS- the following picture is proof that this baby DOES NOT got back. Dang.

I love weddings because it brings together all the people you don't get to see everyday. I love and miss all these friends! They are everything.

We got to wear very pretty dresses and hang out with these crazy boys and the heels were busted out again... 2 weeks in a row, this is a huge deal for me!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day Al! I love you so much and am so happy you found your prince charming!

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Grama Linda said...

Yay!! Such pretty pictures...You girls looked so beautiful! And I remember the gazillion times you and Ally watched Jennie and Chad's video haha! It's hard to believe that you girls are all grown up. I am so glad that you and Ally have always had each other to laugh, dream and love each other. BFF's always(:
Love U!