Monday, March 26, 2012

back again!

Surprise! Time to make an appearance on the blog. Life is busy as usual- hence the absence! There's been lots of working and schooling and bachelorette-ing and wedding-ing and a little bit of vacationing.
A few updates:
-Boots has me in love with One Direction. I'm forever a boy band girl. Nsync did quite a number on me.
-Got my first pair of Jordans... will they ever be worn? We'll see. Its mostly just peer pressure from all the wonderful ghetto people I work with that gasp when I tell them I don't own any Jordans. I love my coworkers.
-My bracket busted on day one
-I have an unhealthy obsession with Maybelline Baby Lips... I own them in every color. Even bubble gum pink.
-Read the Hunger Games series and loved the first 2 and got so so bored with the last one. And the movie was fantastic too.
-Got to see all my best friends in the same place at the same time and loved it!
-My little brother got his mission call to London England! So exciting and the perfect place for him!

And the obligatory photo update AKA I'm the worst at taking pictures. We had Kori's bachelorette party and it was so fabulous... love that girl with all my heart. And I feel old hanging out with all these gorgeous young things!

The day after, me and Jessica escaped and met the rest of the fam down in Mexico. It was cold but we still loved it! And of course I only took 2 pictures. Wittlest guy is getting so cute and BIG!

I'm going to try and post about Kori and Ally's weddings so stay tuned!

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