Thursday, January 12, 2012

love/hate relationships.

Sometimes I think I may have slightly bipolar tendencies. I've recently discovered that I have a love/hate relationship with many things: my car, the pantry and fridge, my coworkers, etc. Lately, since I got my ipad for christmas and am obsessed with it and can't put it down, I've found a few more love/hate relationships with some blogs/websites.

I love to look at these and see the outfits that people put together. I've always loved fashion and magazines and stuff like that so they're fun to look at. BUT I always end up feeling so terrible about myself after I look at these blogs! Does anyone else feel this way? I mean really... these girls are stunning and so skinny and portray themselves as having the most perfect, flawless lives. Is anyone's life really like that?! And I really wanna know who takes the pictures of these girls that they put on their blogs... do they have personal photographers on call? I'd feel like an idiot if I were prancing around in the middle of some random street with my husband snapping close ups of my outfit, sorry about it. And I get sad that I don't have the budget to keep up with these girls. See? Love/hate.

Mostly I love pinterest. I get all kinds of fun ideas for the future that are never going to happen, but it's fun to think about. I like seeing people's outfits and cute hair and nails. I just get really annoyed with some of the stuff on there. Specific example: The sock bun. Everyone and their mother pins the sock bun and let me just tell you that it doesn't work (yep... tried it, only thing I've ever tried from pinterest)! And don't be fooled into thinking you're gonna put your hair in a wet sock bun and wake up with these fantastic curls... I have enough experience with falling asleep with wet hair to know that it doesn't happen! Pinterest is awesome though, I've come up with great ideas for my future wedding (cross your fingers people).

The most love/hate of all! Facebook is great for keeping up with old friends, even the ones you don't really care to keep up with. But hey! It's fun to look at where people are, what they're doing with their lives, etc. Okay, I'll say it: It's fun to stalk! We all know we do it, let's just come out with it! The hate part of facebook for me consists of two major categories: the "begging for attention" friend and the "overshare" friend. Begging for attention friend: they post about any/everything, at least 4 status updates a day, constantly brag about their lives, put up hundreds of pictures of their perfect children/vacations/families, just baiting people to comment on them. I'm so irritated by this. Obviously your life isn't that perfect when you constantly need attention from a social media network. The begging for attention friend is even better when the person is all over facebook, and yet they ignore you in person. Classic. The overshare friend is just that: they post uneccessary things that the average person doesn't need to know. I once had an FB friend that posted a status update basically announcing the end of his relationship and why it didn't work out. It sounded like a freaking press release! We don't need to know all these details! Especially the medical oversharers... NO ONE wants to hear the gory details about your child's birth or your kidney stones. Seriously, let's keep it classy.

Did this post sound bitter? I don't mean to be bitter. And this wasn't directed at anyone specifically, just people in general. I love you all!


Brittany Seager said...

my cousin has a fashion blog... called pink pionies. and her husband takes the pics, or sister... mom.. etc.

Chase + Destiny said...

That damn sock bun!!!! Hahaha!!! I can NEVER figure it out. Oh well a pony tail is 10x easier.

Alyssa Joy said...

Yes britt I do love that blog! I didn't know that was your cousin... I die for her closet!

Alyssa Joy said...
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Heidi said...

Pinterest is DA BOMB DIGGITY!!

That's all..........