Sunday, November 13, 2011

Al Pal!!!

Ally is home!!!!
How exciting. I'm seriously so stoked. I love this girl to death! She's been there for me through everything... literally since birth. I can't think of anyone who better defines the word "friend". She's the most selfless person I know and she's wanted to serve a mission her whole life. And now she's done it and she's back! I've been so blessed to have the most incredible friends. Being with her and Courtney, 2 returned missionaries, all weekend has been so great for me. I feel so renewed! I don't know why these girls are friends with me, because I am so so SO far down from their level. I love them so much! And of course I haven't uploaded pictures from the airport yet sooo... I stole this one from Grama Linda. Of course I'm not looking at the camera, but enjoy all my pretty friends!

Oh and here's some oldies.



Jackie Welling said...

this is just adorable, I'm so sad I couldn't be there with you guys!!

Grama Linda said...

So cute!! I love all of the pictures...and we all loved getting to see you this week end.
YOU are amazing and wonderful and beautiful Alyssa!

Ally Kay said...

Lyssa:). I love you to death. Or as one of our favorite cheezy country songs says, I love you 'from here to eternity'. You are amazing. It was such a joy (no wonder that's your middle name) to spend time with you this weekend. I love all the pics. We've truly been through it all together. Thanks for stickin with me. You are a true friend. I love you, Lys. Password: Psghetti.

Jillian Clara said...

I LOVE ALLY and MISS her.. I won't to hang out with ALL of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian Clara said...

hahhaha WANT!!!! not "wont"gotta love word correcter