Sunday, November 13, 2011

Al Pal!!!

Ally is home!!!!
How exciting. I'm seriously so stoked. I love this girl to death! She's been there for me through everything... literally since birth. I can't think of anyone who better defines the word "friend". She's the most selfless person I know and she's wanted to serve a mission her whole life. And now she's done it and she's back! I've been so blessed to have the most incredible friends. Being with her and Courtney, 2 returned missionaries, all weekend has been so great for me. I feel so renewed! I don't know why these girls are friends with me, because I am so so SO far down from their level. I love them so much! And of course I haven't uploaded pictures from the airport yet sooo... I stole this one from Grama Linda. Of course I'm not looking at the camera, but enjoy all my pretty friends!

Oh and here's some oldies.