Sunday, October 16, 2011

these minor details

Life as of late:
I finally made my way up to Provo to see my pals that I miss SO much. And I finally got to see my little Brittan's cutest store ever, Maddux Couture! Even though they're moving so it's closing. But it was just so fun and I got so proud of her when I drove by and saw her cute sign and everything.

I'm slightly obsessed with everything about Jake and Sarah's wedding. It was SO cute and fun and just fit their personalities so perfectly. I can't wait to see all the pictures!
OH GOODNESS i just realized that I forgot to mention that we saw Color Me Badd at the JT concert. Ahhh they were so great and if you ever watched Beverly Hills 90210 and saw the episode where they tried to sneak into their hotel, you will appreciate this. Now go download "All 4 Love" and relive the glory days of the 90s.
I have a shopping problem.
It's almost bball season!! I'm so excited. Especially now that I feel like I have a personal connection with this team- the boys are awesome. They're always so friendly when they come into the office. And I can't stress enough how amazing this coaching staff is. They are such good people and I truly love working for them. Now I can't wait to shock the country with this team! It's gonna be crazy!
I can't even see my desk because its completely covered with junk and I don't know what to do about it. Swedish fish, old school nike sweatbands, 800 bottles of nail polish, 7 magazines, headphones, thank you cards, makeup... where do you put all this stuff?!
I bought this ridiculous cobalt blue blazer from H&M that I'm dying to wear to work but I'm afraid that everyone will think I'm nuts because they all dress so conservatively. Therefore, I must find an event to attend where a cobalt blue blazer would be perfectly appropriate.
Did I mention that I'm going to Chicago in december?! So. Excited. Now I must find good cold weather outfits.
And last but not least, I am completely and utterly in love. Unfortunately, he is not a male model/doctor/professional athlete perfect 6'5 man, but my precious wittle nephew Sawyer.

But, if you do happen to find that guy, please send him my way.



Brittany said...

you were in utah, and did not inform me???

Danny and Kaitlin said...

chicago is freezing already!!! pack lots of warm clothes :)