Sunday, June 19, 2011

Keeping Up.

I spy with my little eye (disclaimer: you have to look real hard in this picture)...


If you know me you know this is a huge deal!!
I'm not ashamed to admit my unabashed love for this crazy (krazy?) family. I've seen every episode. I cried during Khloe and Lamar's wedding. I was slightly disturbed when Kourtney pulled out her own baby. I was deeply distraught when Kim and Reggie broke up. I. LOVE. THEM.
So how did I finally fulfill my dream of getting to see them in person? Here's the story...

Jessica and Kori share my obsession. So naturally, when we found out Khloe was hosting a birthday party at a club inside the Paris, we decided we would go to the delicious Sugar Factory and see if we could maybe catch a glimpse of them somewhere. We ended up going pretty late and by the time we got there we were sure there would be no sighting. We walked into Sugar Factory to get a table and low and behold, who do I spot?
Lamar Odom!
And not just Lamar Odom, but a table filled to the brim with Kardashian goodness!
We're talking Khloe, Kim and her new fiance Kris, Rob, Malika... even the weird blonde makeup girl you occasionally see on the show!
So in the midst of freaking out, we go to get a table, and we must've had some crazy good luck that night because our table was directly next to theirs. It. Was. Amazing. I didn't even eat most of my dessert because I couldn't stop watching! Pretty pathetic, but you would do the same, trust me. To give you an idea of how close we were, here are some pictures taken from the table:

That's makeup lady's head and Rob

And this one is kind of blurry but that's khloe and lamar at the end.

Are you jealous yet?! It gets better.
We got up to leave right as they were leaving so we decided to wait by this side door to see if they would go out that way. I'm a stalker, I know, but we needed better pics because my camera didn't want to take good ones, as you can probably tell! So we waited by this door for a few minutes and kori and jessica were convinced that they weren't going out that way. Good thing I'm stubborn and made us wait a few minutes because they came out and literally walked right in front of us! Those pictures up top are taken from Jessica's cell phone and not even zoomed in or anything. THRILLING!
Okay so I have to admit that my inner fan girl came out at this point. There were tons of people around taking pictures and stuff so as Kim and Kris were walking past, I yelled "We love you Kim and Kris!" (embarrassing) but it paid off because Kris turned around, grabbed my arm and said "We love you too" !!!!! Me and him are now BFFs, I'm expecting a wedding invite any day now.
So we left extremely satisfied! And plus it was my birthday so it couldn't have been better timing. As we were leaving they were walking the red carpet so we stopped for a minute.

Lamar and Kim

Kris and Rob

Needless to say... Best. Night. Ever.
-Khloe is smaller than I thought she would be
-Kim is just as gorgeous and small and perfect as on tv
-Kris Humphries is way more attractive in person!
-Rob is short
-We saw Kim's ring from afar... and even from afar it is massive.

Last one... found this online, see that orange shirt in the background? Thats jessica. NBD.

***SORRY FOR THIS LONG AND PROBABLY BORING POST! I'm just still really excited about this. Guess I'm pretty shallow!



The ORR Family said...

I L I T E R A L L Y wake up every morning pretending I'm a Kardashian. I then spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how to audition as the newest family member. This post makes me so ridiculously mad and so ridiculously happy. UGH

Brittany Seager said...

one time someone told me..."u are a little kourtney kardashian" best compliment of my life. im SO JEALOUS and you should have called dang it! this post was far from boring, it was better then us weekly! xoxo