Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yazzy graduated today! Isn't he so cute in this picture? I can't believe my baby brother is old enough to go to college. I still think of him as a sweet little boy that loved to play with his rescue heroes and drive his police big wheel around the neighborhood. He has so many fun friends and gets along with everybody. I can't wait to see what adventures college brings him!
Jessica ran her first 1/2 marathon and apparently rocked it. I truly wish I had the desire to do something like that, but it running for 2 hours straight sounds like literal hell to me. I'd rather spend those 2 hours sleeping. You think that's why Jessica is like 200 pounds skinnier than me? I'm excited for her to come home for a few weeks before she leaves for her amazing study abroad.
Sawyer is the cutest ever. Seriously can't get enough of that little guy! Even though he spit up on me 4 times the other day! Gross. But still the most precious babe.
Bootsie has her big dance recital this weekend. I can't wait to see the actual full dance since all I ever see is this crazy girl running through all her moves 20 times a day. FYI, next time you see Hannah, watch her. She doesn't walk, she taps from room to room. I love that crazy little diva, even though she likes to tell me that some things I do/wear/say are "so 2000 and late". Shout out to Fergie for giving this girl even MORE sass!
I start my new job 3 weeks from today and I'm super nervous/excited!
Speaking of jobs, we have no air conditioning at Nike currently. It's FABULOUS (i hope you all realize the sarcasm here). Really, it's great if you enjoy saunas and are looking for a quick way to drop a few pounds. But let me tell you, spending 5 hours in a sauna isn't as glamorous as it sounds.
Love that Kardashians are back. Kim's rock is ridic.
Love that I actually had a social moment this weekend... baby steps. Maybe toddler steps.
Love that friday is pay day! Just in time for birthday shopping!

Did I mention that I'm turning 23 on saturday?
One year older. And wiser too?


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