Monday, May 16, 2011

i never know what to title these.

My birthday is coming up. If anyone would like a gift idea, I would really love some basic black Tory Burch flats, please. That is, if you really love me, because those babies are expensive!
And I'm going to San Francisco this weekend! I'm soooo thrilled. Killer shopping, Giants game, delicious food, and did I mention the amazing shopping? Can't. Wait. If anyone has any suggestions of things to do, I would love some!
Have I mentioned that I love anything with sprinkles? Extra sprinkles on my ice cream. Sprinkle donuts. Cupcakes are even better with sprinkles. I'm 5, I know, it's embarrassing.
I may have a new job opportunity coming up and I'm SUPER excited about it! Stay tuned!
I miss all my BFFs. We never seem to be in the same place at the same time. I finally got to catch up with my Sammy! Love that girl, she gets me.
I'm taking a science class this summer. Good news: it's only 3 weeks long. Bad news: it's every morning, there's a quiz everyday, and a huge exam on fridays. Wish me luck.
I've recently become enthralled with all things Housewives. Bev Hills was my favorite, then I discovered NY and I'm obsessed, except I'm sad Bethanny left. Orange County is sometimes okay. I've only watched a few NJ and I still can't decide if I like them. I refuse to watch Atlanta.
And I am 7 episodes behind on greys and I desperately need to catch up. Blame Real Housewives marathons for that.
I know it sounds like all I do is watch TV and eat, but I do still work, too. Nike is fun but too small at the moment. I brought my coworker his first Pizookie for his birthday and got everyone addicted. We all loved it.
Only 1 month till my court court gets home! And 6 months till Ally comes home! Yay for returning friends!
And the weirdest thing is all my little sister's friends getting engaged. That will never seem normal.
Now I must go watch the season finale of Gossip Girl.



Jackie Welling said...

Oh lyssa i just miss you :(

Jillian Clara said...

I don't know anything about san fran but will you let me know because I will be living there soon.. and p.s. sprinkle donuts are the BEST