Sunday, May 29, 2011

I left my heart...

San Francisco was AMAZING. Seriously, Im obsessed.
I've been a few times but really all I remember is great shopping and cold weather.
This trip definitely lived up to the shopping part, and maybe a little of the cold weather. It's okay, at least the days we were there were so sunny and beautiful and perfect!
SF is such a fun, unique city. My grammy grew up in the Bay Area so my dad loves going there and introducing us to his old memories. One thing passed down from my grammy's dad is a love for the San Francisco Giants. My dad can remember him listening to the games on the radio. My grammy was a huge fan. Last year when they won the World Series, my dad and brothers practically cried, they were so excited. Now it's pretty obvious that I'm a sports girl, but baseball just never did it for me. Something about the fact that you can be 40 and fat and in terrible shape but still a professional athlete just bothered me? I don't know, point is, I was never a baseball girl.
Until this trip!

To say I fell in love with AT&T Park is an understatement. Let's just say I only took 6 pictures this entire trip, and they were all of the ballpark. It is GORGEOUS. It sits right on the edge of the bay and is just the perfect backdrop for any sporting event. The night was freezing. They ran out of snuggies on snuggie night. I only had a small jacket. It didn't even matter! The fans are amazing, they had warm gooey caramel popcorn, and we had the most perfect seats. The Giants beat the A's in extra innings and it was thrilling! And we got to see The Beard pitch the 9th inning. And I fell in love with Buster Posey (except he just injured himself and is out for the season... sad face). LOVED.
I'm officially a baseball convert!

Don't worry, we did other things too. Rode all over San Fran, did lots and lots of shopping, ate delicious food including the best tri-tip sandwich I've ever had in my life, explored Pier 39 and even saw this really cool magic show in a creepy basement theater with a room full of indians. IT WAS FABULOUS!
Can we go back yet?



Janae' said...

Sounds so fun! "Making memories!"

The John Hollingshaus Family said...

I wish we would have known you were coming. We live 30 minutes from San Fran and my husband works in San Fran. Next time call us up we will tell you some more fun places to go.

Cousin Carrie:)