Thursday, April 28, 2011


I discovered this picture today as I was extremely bored and looking at Khloe Kardashians blog. Yes, I occasionally look at Khloe's blog, don't judge me. Anyways... aren't these shoes gorgeous? I would buy them just to display them. I love anything shiny and sparkly and gorgeous. But this got me realizing... I'm not a shoe person. At all. I'd much rather spend my money on jeans or bags or perfume or makeup (I have recently become obsessed with Sephora and could spend hours in there... who am I?!). And, being as tall as I am, I feel really self conscious in heels so I pretty much just stick to flats. And flats aren't that fun to shop for. In fact, I don't even own a pair of heels at the moment. Thanks to Nike, I pretty much just have amazing running shoes that I have never actually run in and flip flops in every color. But I admire heels and think they're really pretty and fun to try on and see how much taller they make me and this just brings me back to the point I seem to always make: I NEED TO FIND AN EXTRA TALL MAN TO MARRY. And preferably a rich one, so that I can have a fabulous selection of heels that I actually wear or even just use for display in my fabulously huge, amazing, organized closet.

that's all.


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