Thursday, April 28, 2011


I discovered this picture today as I was extremely bored and looking at Khloe Kardashians blog. Yes, I occasionally look at Khloe's blog, don't judge me. Anyways... aren't these shoes gorgeous? I would buy them just to display them. I love anything shiny and sparkly and gorgeous. But this got me realizing... I'm not a shoe person. At all. I'd much rather spend my money on jeans or bags or perfume or makeup (I have recently become obsessed with Sephora and could spend hours in there... who am I?!). And, being as tall as I am, I feel really self conscious in heels so I pretty much just stick to flats. And flats aren't that fun to shop for. In fact, I don't even own a pair of heels at the moment. Thanks to Nike, I pretty much just have amazing running shoes that I have never actually run in and flip flops in every color. But I admire heels and think they're really pretty and fun to try on and see how much taller they make me and this just brings me back to the point I seem to always make: I NEED TO FIND AN EXTRA TALL MAN TO MARRY. And preferably a rich one, so that I can have a fabulous selection of heels that I actually wear or even just use for display in my fabulously huge, amazing, organized closet.

that's all.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

party buses and ghost hunting.

Sometimes I pretend like Jessica's friends are really my friends too...

And they all dress in fabulous metallic spandex outfits and I wear normal clothes, but that's okay. And we get a really fun party bus that reminds me of GR senior year and we just dance the night away for all the pedestrians that can see through the windows...

And we go to the stratosphere and ride the big shot and still get scared like it's the first time...

And we go to really scary haunted houses that were once owned by the mafia and are now extremely creepy and abandoned and have toilets in the front yard (trust me, it's much scarier in person/at night/after you just watched a ghost hunters special on it)...

And I have a super fun night with really cool people that was exactly what I needed! Thanks for sharing your friends with me Jess!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

back track.

You know when you get in those moods where you have way too much time on your hands and so you just sit and think, think, think about everything and wonder if you made the right decision here or should've done something different there and just kind of doubt yourself, even though you know you're where you're supposed to be in the first place? Wow, sorry about that huge run-on sentence there. It's just kind of how I fell right about now. Just very... reflective.

I seem to be getting in these moods a lot lately. Just wondering why things haven't really happened for me yet. Except that they're already happening everyday, and I just fail to see it! I have a great job. I love my school. I get to live in a beautiful home and be with the people I love, even though they drive me crazy. I have a car to drive. I have food to eat. I even have a phone and a computer and a dvr and lots of clothes and fun things and... the list could go on and on. What I'm lacking in is patience, and the confidence to know that I have good instincts. If I could change something about myself right now, it would be to trust myself more and know that everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to.

This has really been hitting home lately.


Monday, April 4, 2011

bootsie's bday extravaganza!

Hannah is 13!!! Can you believe it?! I can't. I want her to stay little forever. If you know Boots, you know she is VERY into movies, tv, celebrities, etc. She knows every line from every movie and can name all the obscure cast members. So, naturally, she wanted to celebrate her birthday in the fabulous city of Los Angeles! We had a BLAST doing all the touristy things.

First stop- Universal Studios. The tour was fabulous, we got to see all kinds of cool stuff, and it was such a beautiful day. Universal Studios has the most gorgeous view of the valley!

Later that night, me, Chase and Padre got to go to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel. It was SO fun! Jimmy is hilarious and the set is so tiny. Can you spot me in the background?

The next day the boys went down to Oceanside and us girls had a day in Hollywood. Boots is hilarious... she would get so excited to see the stars of people like the Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, etc. She is such an old soul. And if you know my mom, you know she screamed and almost cried when she spotted the Carpenters star. We did the whole Hollywood Blvd thing and I've determined it's probably the best people watching on earth.

After that, Boots wanted to take a tour of the Warner Brothers studio. We went into it with pretty much no expectations, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. Seriously one of the coolest things ever! We started out in the backlot, and it just so happened to still be set up for Hannah's favorite tv show Pretty Little Liars. She. Was. In. HEAVEN. It's funny how many tricks tv plays on you... all the girl's houses are really next door to each other, and the school and city hall are the same building.

This is Emily's house in PLL

And this is the High School

Our tour guide was awesome and she actually got us onto the real Pretty Little Liars set! We got to see the inside of the school and the girl's rooms. It was so exciting and the perfect thing for Hannah! We got really lucky because the set is usually closed and they were beginning filming the next day. We also went on the set of Chuck, which was so cool! They make the tour really personalized and it is SO worth it. We took a little stop at this classic set...

Recognize it? Mmmhmm... Central Perk from Friends! They've kept it exactly the same as it was when they filmed the final episode.

I really can't say it enough... this tour was a blast. I would recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested in tv and movies. They have this really cool museum that is full of all sorts of costumes and props that were used, like Serena and Blair's school uniforms from Gossip Girl and the clothes Will Smith wore in I Am Legend. A whole floor is dedicated to the Harry Potter movies, and Hannah about died when they had the real costume Robert Pattinson wore in the 4th movie. And we got sorted by the real sorting hat they used in the first movie- Yarm, I thought of you! They don't let you take cameras in there so you all need to go see it for yourself!

We ended the day at Santa Monica pier. It was freezing but me and boots had fun on the roller coaster and ferris wheel. It was the perfect ending to Boot's perfect birthday!

And to top it all off, we got to spend the rest of the weekend in Oceanside, laying out and watching March Madness games. I'm pretty sure it was the best weekend I've had a in a loooong time. Love you Bootsie, thanks for sharing your birthday with me!


endings and beginnings.

We were shocked and sad to find out last week that our favorite Coach Kruger is leaving to coach at Oklahoma. Its a huge loss for the basketball program, but we are more sad about losing our favorite Rebel family! The coaching staff and their families have literally become extended family to us. I consider Aubrey and Gentry to be my (other) little sisters and they have such a huge spot in my heart! I'm so excited for the opportunities they have ahead of them, but I'm also super sad for them to leave Vegas. It won't be the same without pregame shirley temples, MK+A nights, and watching huge road games together. I'm SO grateful we got to spend this past thanksgiving together, experience Australia together, and just grow so close.

At least I now have an excuse to travel and visit Oklahoma! We love you guys, GO SOONERS!