Tuesday, March 15, 2011

busy little bee.

I've been real busy lately. Which is a good thing!
I'm busy with school. That never ends. I even had a midterm that I had no clue about... don't worry, it went well. And I have a huge group midterm project next week that has yet to be started... don't you LOVE procrastination?

I'm busy with work, which is fine. We just got all our march madness gear in and I love that, except the Duke gear is just not okay. Oh, and I'll be unemployed for about 3 weeks while we close to finish our expansion so if anyone needs anything done/wants to play/wants to contribute to my unemployment fund, feel free to contact me!

I'm busy with family stuff. California tomorrow for Boot's 13th birthday, with a little Hollywood action, a little Jimmy Kimmel, and a lot Oceanside and NCAA tournament watching! Thrilling!

I'm busy filling out my brackets. The only thing I will reveal is that I have Kansas winning it all, which is secretly a reverse tactic because every year I pick Kansas to win they end up losing in the second round, except the year I didn't pick them to win they actually won the whole thing. So I figure if I pick them this year, they'll end up losing in the second round to who else but my Runnin Rebs! Illinois first tho. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE March?

I've been busy with friends. Even though they are younger than me they are lots of fun and they get me. But this past week I was kinda having a hard week and I really REALLY missed my Provo girls and most especially my Court Court. I am literally counting down the days til she gets home in June! My life will be complete again!

I'm busy with all my shows. So happy Brad picked Emily but I'm worried it's not gonna work for them. I need to catch up on Greys and Gossip Girl and Real Housewives.

I really like being busy.


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