Monday, February 14, 2011

pretty sure I only blog late at night.

Can we talk about how I took Hannah to see the Justin Bieber movie on friday and I LOVED IT?! What is my deal? It was super inspirational and I have been listening to my biebs playlist ever since. I'm secretly a 15 year old.
And then today at work my coach pulled me aside and acted all mad at me and scared the crap out of me but he really just wanted to trick me. The real reason was that I got a shoutout on an online survey for my good service- big deal people! I'm a pretty big deal. Obviously. But I really hope he never scares me like that again.
And sometimes I like my job because I get to meet/see cool people. I helped out the coolest people from Isreal one time. And on NYE I saw JLo at Guess across the road, that was kinda cool. And of course now that football season is over we have football players coming in all the time. I'm not complaining one bit. Sometimes selling shoes is pretty okay.
And other times its lame. Like how they always stick me up in soccer where no one comes, but that's okay because then I just bond with all my favorite ghetto boys. And I beg for them to let me work in bball and Jordan for just one day because we know that I can talk basketball with the best of them! So I'm working on my bball shoe knowledge. Come ask me about the difference between Kobes and Lebrons, I'm pretty much the expert.
And I went out both nights this weekend. Huge improvement.
And I did my first official teacher observation on friday, even though my whole job last year was just one big teacher observation. It was super fun! Crazy how you can already get attached to the kids in just two hours. Can't wait to go back in 2 weeks.
And v-day is tomorrow! I'm totally v-day neutral. No big deal that I have no valentine. It's just another day. Although if someone were to send me flowers or chocolate, I def wouldn't be opposed to it!
And, in honor of FNL ending this week (Don't spoil it for me I'm only on the 5th episode this season!!!), I totally wouldn't mind this guy being my valentine.


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Brittany Seager said...

im obsessed with j. bieber. i saw the movie alone... i wish i knew you were going!