Tuesday, January 25, 2011


things that irritate me:
-recipe blogs
-craft blogs (I'm sorry I'm one of those people who prefer to buy things instead of make them)
-driving to UNLV twice on mondays
-the fact that I'm literally gonna be 30 by the time I actually graduate
-the cost of textbooks
-rude people
-that my head is too big to wear this really cute hat I found
-my lack of funds
-that I can't just travel anywhere I want at any time I want
-people who say "Ne-vah-Duh"
-girls that don't know how to wear jeans with boots (they bunch up at the top and look awful)
-when the rebels jack up 3's like their lives depend on it

Okay, now I'm just irritating myself. I'm in a mood, as you can probably tell. I NEED A VACATION.
But there are still lots of things that make me happy.
-Free Nike gift cards
-Going back to bed after my 8:30 class
-my new Frees
-Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt
-sweats. nuff said.
-Soundtracks to my fav musicals. I'm obviously a cheeseball.
-SAWYER (aka wittle guy)

I'm trying to be happy. Trying.



Janae' said...

I think it's time for a craft camp. One with a chef, personal shopper, 24 hour sweats. Technically Trout lodge offered all those things. In an Ozark Mountain sort of way.

Yes. I think that's exactly what you need.

Besides...you are a gifted crafter. I'm ne-vah going to quit telling you that. Duh.

Alyssa Joy said...

Not even kidding, this sounds like heaven to me! I'd make my triumphant return to the trout lodge any day of the week! Or we could switch somewhere with room service? Just a thought...

sadie bunker said...

lets go to dinner :) food always makes me feel better.

Jackie Welling said...

Oh crap! I have a recipe/craft blog! Thats okay you still love me :) and you CAN go anywhere you want little miss plane ticket and hotel room! That's the definition of you can go anywhere. But don't use it yet I wanna go with you :) COME VISIT ME ALREADY

Oh and you should know the security word i have to write is "beast" and it made me laugh

Jillian Clara said...

I hate people who say, "Nuh-vaw-da".... I had a roommate from the east coast try to tell me I was saying it wrong.