Thursday, January 13, 2011

post #181

Right now I'm in that mood where I'm starving but I went through the whole kitchen and absolutely nothing sounds appetizing. I HATE this mood. I'm only prolonging my hunger in hopes that something will magically appear in the pantry. Except I'm 99% sure that won't happen. So what do I do instead? Blog, of course. Not that anything in my life has changed, really. I love working at Nike. I have funny and cool friends there. The other day I did really good in Men's Running and I was really proud of myself because running shoes are hard to learn about, trust me. I had a teensy crush on a boy for half a day and then I realized he's shorter than me so now it's back to square one. Last night I had a sleepover with Kori and we ate a whole great wall of chocolate from PF's and it was probably the most fun I've had in a looong time! NYE was lame as always, I came home at 630 and ate and me and boots watched fireworks from the balcony. Obviously I'm really cool and have tons of friends :)))) AND I forgot to mention my ultimate christmas present! A plane ticket anywhere Southwest flies and some hotel nights. I'm dying to just pick up and go anywhere I want. I NEED A TRAVEL PARTNER. BAD. Since all my previous travel partners now have husbands they can't leave or are off serving the Lord, I'm in desperate need of someone who just wants a good adventure with me. New York? Miami? Chicago? Anywhere? I get so excited just thinking about the possibilities!

Okay, enough rambling from me.


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Brittany said...

i'd be so down to go with you!!!! as soon as i win the lottery, count me in!!! lol jealous of that xmas present for sure!!!